Brodie Filmer  is starting his career as a model.
Brodie Filmer is starting his career as a model. Jay Jones

Teen off to Big Apple for modelling dream

BRODIE Filmer's dreams are within reach. Six months ago, when he went to an audition with HDSE Models in Coffs Harbour, he knew nothing about how to be a model. But now, with months of extensive work, Brodie is preparing to fly to New York early next year and compete for top modelling jobs in a cut-throat industry.

But at heart, he is a 17-year-old from Grafton with hopes of inspiring young people one day.

"When I was younger I always had that feeling when you look at magazines and you see the people on the front cover, it was like 'I want to be like them'," he said.

It's been an intensive six months where Brodie has learnt to walk like a model, hold his shoulders right and get the poses correct.

"People always see the final product and they don't take into account what (happens) behind the scenes," he said.

"There are a lot of techniques behind it and it's definitely not for everyone.

"Some people walk into (auditions) thinking they can just do it... but there is so much more to it."


Brodie said the most rewarding thing about modelling were the opportunities that were now open to him.

"I'm competing in the second heat of a Top Model search in Coffs Harbour next month, and the winner gets to go to London," he said.

"The New York trip is next April... I've got a catwalk coach who I've been with for a few months... and said 'wow, I see a lot of potential you should come over to New York there will definitely be work for you'.

"I'll be spending a couple of weeks going to casting calls for major agencies like Next models and IMG."

Having left high school early, Brodie said he thought it was important that people knew they did not have to follow the schooling and university path and they should follow their dreams.

"Modelling is giving me more confidence in my regular life," he said.

"You can go off the beaten path (for your career), you can find happiness and fulfilment in something that is not (school).

"I'm not saying I would advocate not being at school... but that's not what I want in life."

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