Replica gun.
Replica gun.

Teen ‘gunman’ lucky not to have been shot by police

A TERRIFIED woman called 000 after a young man pointed a gun at her while she reversed out of a driveway with a child in her car.

The police response was swift and two officers pulled their guns when confronted by teenager Percy Bond, who an Ipswich court heard aimed a gun at them.

The court heard it was fortunate the officers did not shoot him. No one except Bond was aware at the time the gun was a replica.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court, Percy Bond, 18, pleaded guilty to two dozen charges – the most serious being two counts of serious assault of a police officer when pretending to be armed with a weapon at Riverview on Monday, October 28; and going armed to cause fear.

His other offences included seven charges of doing wilful damage (many were motor vehicles); threatening violence; trespass; possession of a knife in public place (on a train); assaulting a police officer; possession of drug utensils, three counts of drug possession; and railway trespass.

Prosecutor Sergeant Bernard Elmore said police received a call at 2pm about a man pointing a firearm at a woman in her car at Riverview.

When police arrived they saw Bond walking towards them with a black revolver which he waived around. The court heard Bond pointed the gun at the police car from a distance of 10m.

The two officers presented their firearms and demanded Bond drop the gun. Although belligerent, he did so.

“It is very lucky he was not shot that day pointing a firearm. The officers showed restraint,” Sgt Elmore said.

Leading up to his sentencing Bond had already spent three months in jail.

Defence lawyer Christy Louden said Bond was still young and had since written a letter of apology to the court.

The court was told Bond had drug issues but while in jail stayed clean.

Ms Louden said Bond had decided he wanted to find work in construction.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess disclosed more of the police facts behind some of the charges saying the 26 offences began in August the day after Bond turned 18, and continued until his arrest on October 28.

Another victim, a 79-year-old woman, lost $800 insurance excess after Bond jumped onto the roof and bonnet of her car.

Ms Sturgess said Bond caused fear when he pointed a gun at the victim.

“She saw you holding a black handgun. You stared directly at her and raised it at her window. She feared for her life and (from down the street) called 000,” she said.

“Police said she was shaking and crying because of the fear.”

Ms Sturgess said he had deliberately aimed at the police officers in their car.

“It is fortunate the officers did not use fatal force against you,” she said.

Bond was sentenced to nine months jail with immediate release to parole, in addition to three months’ jail for the going armed to cause fear offence.

For the other matters Bond was ordered to complete an 18-month supervised probation order. He was ordered to pay restitution.

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