Teen 'exploded' in violent rage

AN IPSWICH teenager went on a violent rampage in his parents' home, using the metal pole of a vacuum cleaner to smash walls and shatter glass doors.

Shaquille Antonio Chapman, 17, all but destroyed his parents' housing commission home at Riverview in a two-day frenzy over Easter.

On Easter Sunday, April 8, Chapman punched holes in bedroom doors, threw tables, used the metal pole of the vacuum to smash holes in the plasterboard walls and shattered a sliding glass door.

The following day he threw a broom through a wall with such severity it came out the other side.

He then smashed more walls and doors, and threw a microwave on the ground, before eventually leaving.

At the end of his rampage most of the internal walls and doors to the home had been smashed.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard police arrested Chapman at the home on Easter Monday and he was transported to the watchhouse.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Chapman didn't elaborate on why he had destroyed the home, except that he "had a lot of things playing on his mind" which made him "explode".

Mr Hoskin said Chapman would return home to live with his parents and would apologise to them.

Chapman pleaded guilty to two counts of wilful damage and was put on nine months probation.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess noted Chapman would not be able to pay to fix the damage.

"The Department of Communities shouldn't have to pay - they have better things to spend their money on," Ms Sturgess said.

A Department of Housing and Public Works spokesperson said the department would cover the costs of the immediate repairs to the property.

"However, we may consider ways to recoup some of this money at a later date," the spokesperson said.

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