REFLECTION TIME: Ipswich Jets veteran Tyson Lofipo. Picture: Rob Williams
REFLECTION TIME: Ipswich Jets veteran Tyson Lofipo. Picture: Rob Williams

Tears and a lighter look at life for footy fanatic


DIARY of a Jets writer (trying to maintain a sense of humour in uncertain times).

Tom Hank's character in Cast Away, Chuck Noland, started to talk to a volleyball called Wilson when he was stuck on an island.

I haven't reached that level but its been a week since the Intrust Super Cup shutdown. I've kept a diary of my thoughts and reflection.

Wednesday, March 18: The rumoured shutdown of Intrust Super Cup is announced by QRL. I sat quietly at school and cried for 45 minutes.

I rang Keiron Lander to talk football and we just sat on the phone saying nothing to each other. Lander told me to go away.

Thursday, March 19: Woke up and still no Intrust Super Cup. I rang the QRL to double check and QRL's David Maiden told me to go to school.

Friday, March 20: Football on tonight. It's the NRL though. No Jets this weekend. There is a stranger on my couch. It turns out we are married. She seems nice. We spoke for 20 minutes.

Saturday, March 21: I have mowed three times and washed the car twice. The yard is going to look like the MCG by the end of this saga.

Sent my game report to the QRL, reporting on Jets v Tweed from 2008. They said they can't publish that this week.

Sunday, March 22: Played football with my sons, Lewis and Jude.

I made them write a game report for the game and I kept stats. Lewis said he wanted to be the Dolphins. Shame I liked him. We had a good six years as mates.

Monday, March 23: Rang Danny Coburn just to hear his voice.

Life goes on

NO man is an island, except the Jets.

The situation at the moment is no training as a club and no playing for Intrust Super Cup sides.

Training can resume at the end of April and playing will hopefully start up in June.

In the interim, Jets players have some time to keep fit and find new pastimes.

Keenan Yorston said he was filling the break in the season with training and staying positive.

"Just trying to fill the gap by training, maintaining my fitness, not much else you can do really,'' Yorston said.

"My younger sister Tenaya does CrossFit; so we train from home at our little gym. She is helping me with a positive mindset."

Back rower Tyler Coburn is working his mind and body.

"I'll be doing gym and cardio work to keep myself fit and going camping. I have to study for my teaching degree too,'' Coburn said.

Fellow second rower Rory Humphreys is on task.

"I am going to stay focused on my training and come back in the best form I can be,'' Humphreys said.

"Going to use my free time on weekends to do some mountain climbing and camp."

Jets veteran Tyson Lofipo is taking a more holistic approach.

"Listen to the health professionals,'' Lofipo said.

"The health and wellbeing of my young family, my wife, is my main priority and to keep fit while we get through this pandemic and return to play God willing on the 5th of June."

Walker's thoughts

JETS 2019 Mal Meninga player Sam Walker moved to Sydney to take on the immense challenge of joining the back-to-back premiers the Roosters.

Since he moved he's been to England and Barcelona with the Roosters taking it all in and watching some of the best players prepare while recovering from shoulder operations.

"I would have been right to play for the Bears in round four,'' Walker said.

"I have just got out of the pink bib and started contact.

"Now I have plenty of extra time to get my shoulder right and not too sure when I play.

"I love it. The Roosters are a lot like the Jets. I just feel part of it all the time, and they're very welcoming.

"I have been playing a lot of golf. I am a bit of a part-time footballer full-time golfer at the moment.

"I play three or four times a week, dad is really proud."

Asked which Rooster makes the best golfing partner: "Tedesco is great on the greens,'' Walker said.

"Keary hits them well but he's just had a baby so his golf time has come to an end for a while."

Cooper's stat

TWO players are in a race for 100 points. Jayden Connors needs six points for 100 points for Jets. He has 16 tries and 15 goals.

Tyson Lofipo needs four points for 100 points for Jets. He has 24 tries.

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