LETTERS: Tax changes must address inequities

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull and treasurer Scott Morrison need to stop window dressing the issue of tax reform.

Raising the GST and making some very breakable promises to cut certain other taxes to compensate for it would not in any way amount to the far reaching overhaul of the Australian taxation system which is desperately needed.

Both the Prime Minister and treasurer have various tax reform models at their disposal to consider, review, tweak and potentially implement in full or in part, but the fact is that both of them are turning the other cheek and like team Abbott/Hockey before them, are completely side-stepping any tax reform model which challenges their very institutionalized neo-capitalist ideology.

Australia is way behind the rest of the western world when it comes to our dilapidated and woefully duplicated taxation system.

The country is writhing and overburdened in tax overkill.

It is that tax overkill which largely explains why Australia has become one of the most expensive places to live, eat, drink and have a holiday.

Turnbull needs to look outside the square and seek to implement a whole new tax regime with more wisely targeted taxes. One which makes certain that everyone - rich, poor and everyone in-between - pays their fair share of tax.

The fact is that at present, the richest 3% of Australians, as well as big companies and corporations aren't paying their fair share.

Raising the GST, in place of real tax reform, wont put a stop to such tax evasion which the average Australian indirectly is footing the bill for.

TIM BADRICK, Toogoolawah


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