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Gilbert Burgh will take his ARTalk Philosophy Cafe to the Cactus Espresso Bar on January 20.
Gilbert Burgh will take his ARTalk Philosophy Cafe to the Cactus Espresso Bar on January 20.

MOVE aside Plato and Socrates, Ipswich is fostering its own breed of philosophers.
Gilbert Burgh, a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Queensland and Swich Contemporary Art Space co-ordinator, launched the ARTalk Philosophy Cafes in November.
Held once a month in Top of Town coffee shops, the cafes offer an opportunity for people to ponder provocative topics and join in lively discussion.
“We wanted to have a forum which was not necessarily political,” Mr Burgh said.
“We really wanted to get the dialogue going.
“It is for people in the arts, art lovers, artists and business owners or anyone interested in the relationship between art, culture and society.”
Mr Burgh said the cafe was attracting up to 30 people from across Ipswich, Brisbane, Toowoomba and Boonah.
He said the upcoming cafe on January 20 would feature guest speaker, architect Peter Wolff.
“The topic is architecture and public art,” Mr Burgh said.
“For example if the mall was re-built how would it fit into current architecture and what sort of public art would we have?
“The whole discussion ties in art, the city and social and political issues.”
Mr Burgh said February’s cafe, held at Bon Laneway, would ponder the issue of graffiti, whether it constituted art and in what form.
He said the growing Top of Town cafe culture had also helped to foster the success of the philosophy cafes.
“People are going to the cafes not just for a beverage, but to have a conversation, a meeting or hold functions,” he said.
“The cafe is now more of a cultural hub.”
The next ARTalk Philosophy Cafe will be held on January 20 from 5.30pm at the Cactus Espresso Bar in Brisbane Street. Entry is $5.

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