Swifts fight on without Sarra

JACOB Sarra’s imminent departure from Swifts has reduced the Division One easybeats’ chances of tasting success this season, but neither the club nor Ipswich West Moreton Cricket Association are concerned.

Swifts’ top two teams are winless, while the Division One team has been beaten outright on three occasions.

However, the club’s recent and projected future growth is enough to convince those who matter that Swifts will eventually reach the standards required.

“We’ve just got to work through them building a club until it is of a competitive nature,” IWMCA president Peter Leschke said.

If that means struggling in the short term then Leschke will accept it, aware that the bigger picture is what counts.

“Their junior base is probably the second best in town,” he said.

“It is just going to take a bit of time. They’ll get better.”

All of which means Swifts’ Division One spot is under no threat, irrespective of how they perform this summer or next.

Swifts president Mick Homburg is not concerned by the situation either.

He is happy to see the club’s Division One, and Two, teams battle through the season as best they can.

“I suppose it is all we can do,” Homburg said.

“We’re expecting a few players back from injury so hopefully we’ll be right after Christmas.”

Homburg hopes Sarra’s work commitments will enable him to return regularly so he can continue his coaching role.

“We’ve got plenty of juniors coming through,” he said.

“In five or six years time we should be in a strong position.”

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