ONCE again Swich On Inc is off and running for another year and is looking to build on a stellar 2014 which saw the Ipswich men's charity group raise more than $70,000.

"We had a fantastic 2014 and have set an equally exciting calendar of events in order to continue on our path," Swich On president Grant Lowe said.

"Our membership night coming up on Saturday at the Ipswich Greyhounds is our first event of 2015 and we have some fantastic offers available to those who would like to get involved.

"Memberships will be $30 instead of the usual $50 and run all the way until the end of June of 2016.

"Even better, if you bring a friend to this event you will be able to get two memberships for the bargain price of $50."
Despite having booked this event months ago, the recent events impacting the Greyhound industry have not deterred Swich On.

"Obviously there has been plenty of negative press surrounding the greyhound industry of late.  However the team agreed to support the Ipswich Greyhounds despite the disappointing alleged actions of a few," Mr Lowe said.

"Supporting those locals who have been playing by the rules is certainly a major reason behind why Swich On wanted to honour our commitment and run our event as planned.

"We certainly feel that the alleged actions of the few should not be reason enough to tarnish all those others involved in what has been a long and proud Ipswich tradition." 

The night will be focused on growing Swich On's membership and getting the 2015 season off and running.

There will be the usual raffles and prizes on the night as they break in the New Year.

The night will be free to attendees, including entry, beers and food.

"Even though this will be a free night for those who attend, we are hoping to get the people to commit to a membership for this great price to enable us to continue with our future events," Mr Lowe said.

"The memberships will include 20% discount to all future Swich On events for the year and include another two free membership nights which will form part of the deal.

"Ultimately we want people to come along enjoy the night without having to outlay too much of their hard earned money."

Swich On has a handful of race naming sponsor spots left for the great price of $200.

For more information and the RSVP to the event, go to swichon.com.au, email admin@swichon.com.au or text 0404 063 522.

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