BEAUTY TRIO: De Ja Vu Hair, Nails and Beauty owner Fiona Litzow (left) and hairdressers Katie Upton, and Taryn McLaren (right) at their salon.
BEAUTY TRIO: De Ja Vu Hair, Nails and Beauty owner Fiona Litzow (left) and hairdressers Katie Upton, and Taryn McLaren (right) at their salon. David Nielsen

Sweet success for business

RECENTLY De Ja Vu Hair, Nails & Beauty celebrated its first birthday and the introduction of an exciting new service. Owner and beauty therapist, Fiona Litzow is very excited about the business and all of the hard work to get the salon looking so good. It has been a long journey to get to this place, but she is enthusiastic about the business.

"It is a big salon, full of great energy and fun along with good service. We don't overbook our clients, this means there is little to no waiting time for your appointment," she said. Ms Litzow needs room to provide adequate space for all that is on offer. From hair, to nails, and across a wide range of beauty treatments, it is all offered under the one roof.

Ms Litzow has introduced a revolutionary product for hair removal: sugar. It is taking the beauty industry by storm. Just like a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down, a sugaring treatment makes the hairs go and in fact ultimately can be gone for good. "I am the only one in Ipswich doing this type of treatment. It is eco-friendly and we use 100 per cent natural sugar that is mixed with water, lemon, it is very natural. I am sure it will take over traditional waxing," she said.

According to Ms Litzow, sugaring also means the skin is exfoliated and this technique means that the hair is removed in the growth direction, this is opposite to traditional waxing. She uses Alexandria Professional Sugaring products, and is very keen to ensure that the business uses natural products. "I have been using the approach for 12 months now and clients are loving it." She also used Emani Minerals and Cosima Skin Care products.

Fiona Litzow started out, in a sense, through necessity. "I was a single mum and I needed to do something that could work around the children so I started doing nails. That was 16 years ago and I have since gone on and done further training in waxing, tinting and sugaring to develop and expand skills," she said.

It all grew from working with nails when Ms Litzow found herself immersed in the beauty industry and loving it. When she first started out on nails it was in the days of acrylics but now specialises in gel nails. She has a personal preference for gel, believing they are just better. Nails remain a big part of the business today.

"People are using their nails as an accessory rather than rings, for example. Nail art is big and I have done many nails that can take up to two hours to complete," she said. Recently she was asked to place, on each nail, an image of the converse sneakers that were very popular. "You have to have a steady hand," she said.

She has also carried out training in eyelash extensions and is now providing that service. "I use Lash Vixon products. Extensions are very popular, it cuts down on time as there is no need for mascara, they are individually placed on so they will last for quite a few weeks. They are still popular for weddings and other special occasions."

De Ja Vu Hair, Nails & Beauty took over a vacant salon at 84 Cemetery Rd, Eastern Heights, next to Eastern Suburbs Hardware. "I have been working on the renovations for the past year, it is a large floor space and it gives me room to have treatment rooms, a tanning room and plenty of space for the hairdressers.

"With the full beauty work, and I still do airbrush make-up, it gives that flawless look, ideal for the wedding day or other major celebration. As well as all other work, it is a one-stop salon. I do complete packages for clients.

"My hairdressers carry out all types of hair styles and we specialise in natural hair extensions, using a range of natural products as well. We use Affinage and So Pure shampoo and conditioner as well as Bed Head shampoo and Ti Gi Colours."

The salon caters for both male and female clients.

"We have a lot of men coming in for hair styles and also for hair removal."

The salon also has a range of jewellery products and Ashleigh & Burwood fragrance oil lamps and natural oils.

They are open 9am to 5pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9am to 9pm Wednesday and 9am to 2pm Saturday. For bookings or inquiries call them on 3281 7132. Try De Ja Vu for the first time, or was it?

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