Suspicious girlfriend trashed home

A JEALOUS girlfriend sprayed shaving cream over her partner’s clothes and trashed his caravan after finding him with another woman.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Kerry Lee Grantham, 45, visited her partner at his caravan at the Marburg showground on November 7.

Prosecutor Sergeant Kerry Allison said the couple had broken up but were attempting to “reconcile the relationship”.

While she was there, the partner went out to get lunch.

But Grantham became suspicious after he was gone for half an hour.

Sgt Allison said Grantham went looking for the man and found him at a female friend’s house at Lowood.

“She became angry and abused him through the door,” Sgt Allison said.

The female resident threatened to call police so Grantham left.

But she returned to the caravan to damage her partner’s property.

Sgt Allison said Grantham sprayed shaving cream over his clothes and bed sheets, cut the cord of the kettle, damaged his television, ripped the shower head from the wall, poured food on his bed and punctured the tyres on a horse trailer. She then stole horse equipment and a cheque book.

Grantham told police she damaged the man’s property “because she believed the victim was cheating on her and she was angry,” Sgt Allison said.

“She took (the property) because she knew the victim used them daily and took them to make his life difficult.”

Grantham pleaded guilty to charges of wilful damage and stealing.

The case was stood down while prosecutors obtained restitution details, but when they were returned, defence lawyer Shay Duce said they were incorrect.

“It’s a fairly large step backwards your honour,” Ms Duce said. “The matter cannot proceed.

“There’s been a list presented by my friend that doesn’t agree with the facts alleged.”

Grantham’s charges were adjourned and will next be mentioned in court on February 2.

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