OPINION: Supporting Alan as he strives to walk again

HOW many times have you tripped over your own feet, especially as you were marching up or down stairs?

If you are like me it's been on more occasions than you'd like to admit.

My clumsiness has only ever resulted in some lost pride and some minor scratches.

Ipswich Grammar School teacher Alan Campbell wasn't so fortunate when he tumbled over when walking down some school stairs a few months ago.

As our page five story reveals he suffered serious spinal injuries and is now facing a battle to ever walk again.

If anyone has the inner strength to fight back from such a debilitating injury it is Alan.

Years ago he was given up for dead after getting lost while hiking in the mountains in freezing weather back in his homeland of South Africa.

He had badly injured himself falling down a cliff and tenaciously crawled for days to an empty wilderness lodge.

At the lodge he set off an alarm hoping that it would let rescuers know where he was, which it did.

His rescuers now are the members of the expert medical team helping him with his rehabilitation at Prince Alexandra Hospital.

After just weeks in the PA, he is already showing signs that he may well get to walk once again through the school gates of Ipswich Boys Grammar.

When he does, I will be there to cheer him in and I know I will be surrounded by hundreds of his friends and students of the school.


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