Robber told victim he needed money to fuel drug habit

A MAN who mugged a student walking home from university has been given an intensive correctional order.

Faaron Tennessee Williams, 21, pleaded guilty at the Ipswich District Court to one count of robbery.

On the night of Wednesday, February 6, Williams approached a man walking past the Ipswich State High School on his way home from university.

Williams grabbed the man's backpack and told him to give him the bag and his wallet.

The man slipped out of the backpack, while Williams held on to it.

He took his wallet out and gave Williams $130 in cash.

Williams began to walk away before giving the man back his bag and thanking him for the cash.

He told him he needed it to fuel his drug habit.

Police attended William's house the next day where he was arrested.

Fifty dollars was returned to the victim.

While there was minimal violence, the court heard the victim was severely affected and continued to feel psychological impacts.

Judge Sarah Bradley said the crime had a "profound" impact on the victim.

"To be confronted by someone at night and to have money demanded of you can have quite a severe psychological impact," she said.

Williams addressed the court before the sentence and said he regretted his actions.

He was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment to be served in the community through an intensive corrections order.

The order will ensure Williams, who says he is still taking drugs, is regularly administered alcohol and drugs tests.

The failure of any of the tests will breach the order.

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