Georgia Brewin.
Georgia Brewin. CONTRIBUTED

Student joins the cause to help restore life of beaten girl

KARLIE and Georgia are two 13-year-old girls who have never met and live on opposite sides of the globe.

But Georgia is determined to make a difference in Karlie's life.

Karlie was beaten, starved, tortured and continually raped by men her father's age after being sold by her parents into the sex trade industry in Greece.

Cooroibah student Georgia Brewin heard her horrific life story and decided to act.

She has been eagerly knitting scarves to raise money for the A21 foundation which rescued, housed and began the journey of overcoming the brokenness of Karlie's past.

Georgia said she felt a strong heart connection for what A21 was achieving and wanted to help from her humble hometown.

"I started this to get my mind off myself and start thinking about others who have it way worse off than me," Georgia said.

A21 founder Christine Cain said the organisation had always been committed to combatting human trafficking around the world through education, awareness and prevention with the aim of abolishing the injustice of slavery in the 21st century.

"Every human being has the right to freedom, and while one remains bound, chained and shackled, we will fight to set them free," Ms Caine said.

"Freedom is not a luxury. It is a basic human right."

While many young girls starting high school are obsessed with self-image and concerned about WiFi connections, Georgia has been watching YouTube videos to master the art of knitting before her quest to help Karlie began in earnest.

The project launched on April 1 and Georgia said she had already surpassed her original goal of raising $500 by the end of the year.

"I didn't think it would go as well as it did," she said.

Georgia said she wanted to challenge teenagers to put others first and realise that "they are not too young or insignificant to change the world".

Scarves are available in single or double infinity and prices range from $25 to $35.

They are available for purchase from Georgia's Instagram account: arm_knitts_for_a21 or she may be contacted via email at

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