EYE FOR DETAIL: Lens Pro Booval staff (from left) Wendy Armstrong, Tracey Dwyer, Kylie Phillis, Mikaela Bartlam and Renee Richardson.
EYE FOR DETAIL: Lens Pro Booval staff (from left) Wendy Armstrong, Tracey Dwyer, Kylie Phillis, Mikaela Bartlam and Renee Richardson. David Nielsen

Strong focus on customer care

LENSPRO at Booval Fair has recently undergone a major refurbishment, making it a very impressive store.

In addition to the facelift, the installation of specialist equipment to better care for clients' eyes is a major boon for the practice.

Their focus is on customer care and that is the foundation of this business.

LensPro Booval owner Melanie Sutherland is a qualified optometrist and worked in a large chain outlet when she finished her degree, before moving to LensPro in June 2011.

She acquired the business in January, 2012 and believed it was time to make some changes to the physical space and also to improve on available technology.

Store manager Renee Richardson is delighted with the way the store has turned out.

"We closed the store for a week to get the work done. We have a new reception desk, we have refreshed the consultation rooms, we have centralised the seating for clients waiting for service. It is white and there's a very clean, fresh feel to the space. It also means we have more display space for our range of frames. It was looking tired but is just great now," she said.

"We are pleased to have installed a retinal imaging camera which is used to capture images of the interior surface of the eye. It is a brand new piece of technology for us and is offered to each of our clients during a standard eye test. It is carried out for a small additional fee."

The digital technology captures images of the retina, optic disc, macula and posterior pole.

They are accurate images that are viewed immediately and can be compared with former images so that the health of your eye can be tracked over time.

Another feature of LensPro is the in-store optical lab.

According to the company, they can fit lenses for about half the price of other stores.

"We have the one-hour optical lab where we can make a standard single lens in that time. Essentially, while someone goes shopping, their prescription can be made up and ready before they leave the centre. It is great for someone who has had glasses damaged or lost. Most times it takes around two weeks," she said.

More generally the lens work is being done on site for standard, bi-focal and progressive lenses.

Again this equates to saving in terms of dollars and time.

"We can do the low cost glasses from $79 - people do not always know that we can do such a deal. What we also do is build relationships with our clients and that is priceless," she said.

"We carry all leading brands of frames and offer regular discounted products."

Ms Sutherland remains impressed by the fact that the company is about treating people as individuals.

"When I bought into the business I found them to be very supportive and yet it is my business and I operate it the way I want," she said.

The focus is on caring about eye care and then providing the client with a pair of precision-crafted glasses where required.

LensPro Booval caters to a wide range of clients.

Ms Sutherland has a special interest in children and older people but the practice is designed to provide quality care for all.

Renee Richardson is also an optical technician and dispenser and they have Kylie Phillis and one other team member coming on as optometrists to support the growing business.

Ms Sutherland is keen to see that people take the time to have regular eye checks.

"The consultation is bulk-billed so it will only cost some time," she said.

LensPro is involved in supporting the local community and activities relating to sight.

The business celebrated the reopening of the store this month and through fundraising activities raised $272 to go to the coffers of World Sight Day.

They are open during normal retail trading hours and are located near the post office at Booval Fair Shopping Centre. For more information call 3281 8400.

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