The township of Ipswich in the 1880's as seen from the cnr of Brisbane & Easts Sts
The township of Ipswich in the 1880's as seen from the cnr of Brisbane & Easts Sts

Strong dairying days in Ipswich

MR Peter Larsen of Ma Ma Creed called a meeting of dairymen interested in the possibility of starting a factory to deal with Dairy Produce in 1889. There were subsequent meetings at Gatton and Ipswich and a strong business organisation emerged and it later became known as the Queensland Farmers Co-operative Association Ltd.

A factory complete with all the necessary equipment was operating by 1900 and by 1907 there were branch factories at Laidley, Tent Hill, Grantham and Boonah.

In 1908 for the first time farmers were being paid on a basis of quality of milk and later payment for the quality of cream was made under the Diary Produce Act.

In 1942 the association was granted the milk franchise for Ipswich and at that time the plant at Booval was extended and handled 105,000 gallons of milk. The factory had been officially opened on May 18, 1901 and in 1953 a new milk plant was installed at Booval to be followed in 1970 with a complete new bottling plant in the milk section. This was opened on October 1953.

The Bank of New South Wales was situated at the cnr of Brisbane & East Sts, Ipswich early in the 1880's.
The Bank of New South Wales was situated at the cnr of Brisbane & East Sts, Ipswich early in the 1880's.


About 1853 the banking business in Ipswich was first represented by the Bank Of New South Wales, Joint Stock Bank (Bell St) and the Bank of Australasia where business for many years was carried on in a low brick building and had Mr. George Faircloth as manager.

Local lawyers then were Mr (later the Hon.) Arthur Macalister and Mr James Walsh. In the late 1850s two further lawyers Messrs C.F. Chubb and J. Malbon Thompson took up permanent residence here.

In the 1850's also the court-house which had been situated on the Post Office site was removed to the premises of Mr P.O. O'Sullivan in Brisbane St (just down from East St) and opposite the Congregational Church (where Coles is now located). The court house was on that site until the stone court house in East St was completed in September 1859 when it was described as "a beautiful building” Contractor had been Mr W. Trotter and the first judge to preside in it was Judge Lutwyche.

It was in 1866 that Mr. Trotter opened the Commercial Hotel in Ellenborough St opposite the then railway station.

About 1854 the Post Office was placed in the care of Mr Richard Gill who had a general store in Bell St and he combined the 2 businesses and became a store-keeper and a post master. He continued on as post master for 33 years and he retired in 1887.

The Post Office remained in Bell St until the 26th August 1862 when the new Post Office was built in Brisbane St and opened on 4th January 1902. It had been erected by Messrs J. Murrary & Treadwell.


An advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald of the 4th August 1852 (Ipswich was still part of New South Wales at that time) advised that the arrival in Sydney of the FIRST DIRECT MAIL STEAM SHIP from England to America was regarded as a welcome event to the citizens of New South Wales.

It would appear that the P & O screw steamer "The Chusan” sailed from Southampton on May 16 1852 reached St. Vincents on May 30, came round the Cape of Good Hope on June 29 and reached Melbourne, then Sydney some time later.

The "Chusan” was regarded as a fine steamer of 700 tons and had 30hp.


The advertisement appeared in the newspaper in January 1866:- A certain fortune for an industrious man. Booval Hotel (in full trade) for sale.

Mr Hendren auctioneer has received instructions from Mr Charles Lee to sell by private contract that very convenient and commodious roadside inn known as Booval Hotel situated one and a half miles from Ipswich on the Brisbane Rd and in the Centre of the Township of Booval.

It is a hardwood timber building containing seven rooms with detached kitchen, store-room, dairy, five-stalled stables with stockyard and milking bail, piggery and garden and the whole property is enclosed by a 6ft paling fence. It is at present rented - with the use of paddock - for 120 pounds per annum.

It was further stated that the Booval Hotel could become the "Cremorne of Ipswich' where pleasure seekers and persons coming in from the country could sojourn or take refreshments.

FINAL SHIFT: Ipswich icon retires after 35 years

FINAL SHIFT: Ipswich icon retires after 35 years

She has seen off not one but two would-be robbers over the years

Gailes home destroyed by fire overnight

Gailes home destroyed by fire overnight

AN ELDERLY man's house has been destroyed by fire overnight.

Australians to be hit with shopping tax

Australians to be hit with shopping tax

Tax would affect 90 per cent of deliveries

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