THIS bathroom in Hillsdon Court appear not have been touched since it was abandoned after the 2011 floods.
THIS bathroom in Hillsdon Court appear not have been touched since it was abandoned after the 2011 floods. David Nielsen

Ghost street of public housing left empty since 2011 floods

TUCKED away in suburban Goodna is a street of abandoned housing commission homes which have been left uninhabitable since flood waters flowed through them nearly three years ago.

The Hillsdon Court estate, off Spalding Crescent, appears to be like any other at first glance, but a look inside the homes in quiet cul-de-sac reveal interiors still covered with filth and mud.

The 10 homes, owned by the department of Housing and Public Works, have been left in various states of disrepair and unsecured.

The homes were stripped of plaster during the flood clean-up, with the wooden frames, wiring, toilets and sinks the only fixtures remain within.

The department said it decided the properties should be sold in 2011 because of the risk of future flooding - but according to RP Data five duplexes were only listed for sale in April this year.

RP Data lists the land value of the site at $375,000.

As The QT went to print, the department could not explain why the properties had been left empty for more than two years before being listed for sale.

A departmental spokesperson said the properties were currently under contract.

"After the flood in 2011, the extent of damage to the properties was fully assessed and a clean-up of the dwellings was undertaken to prepare them for sale," the spokesperson said.

"This included the removal of all internal wall sheeting, furniture and floor coverings.

"No further cleaning was required given they have been prepared for sale and are being sold as flood-damaged properties."

Cr Paul Tully said the State Government had had enough time to sell or renovate the properties instead of leaving them in a state of disrepair.

"They have had two-and-a-half years to sort this out. All the other privately owned homes were done up fairly quickly," he said.

"It's a blight on the area just having a whole group of them just sitting there. It looks Goodna has been abandoned by the housing commission.

"They are next to other units where people are living and having deserted units doesn't do anything for property values or the quality of their lifestyle."

Near neighbours have been left in the dark about the properties' future.

One resident told The Queensland Times they were concerned how the derelict homes would affect property values in adjoining streets.

Squatters have not moved into the vacant homes, but residents are concerned about the possibility.

"It's not nice. It's out of sight out of mind," the resident said.

"I would like to see them used, that's the main thing isn't it? People want homes and they are just sitting there. It seems such a shame to see them like that."

Residents have waited since the floods for action on the properties.

Neighbours said the homes were occupied by housing commission tenants prior to the 2011 floods.

The department said all residents forced out by flood waters have been relocated.

Floodwater lapped the rooftops of the low-lying homes in 2011, leaving mud and debris strewn throughout.

Cr Tully said then Prime Minister Julia Gillard was among political figures to visit Spalding Crescent in the flood's aftermath.

Residents spent two weeks cleaning the debris and mud left behind.

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