Revleigh and Bernie Daniels with in their private Museum at Chevallum. Photo: Cade Mooney / Sunshine Coast Daily
Revleigh and Bernie Daniels with in their private Museum at Chevallum. Photo: Cade Mooney / Sunshine Coast Daily SCN

Strawberry farmers find gold

CHEVALLUM strawberry farmers couple Bernie and Revleigh Daniels are collectors with a private museum of antiques and collectibles they claim is worth more than $1 million.

And you can see the unique display of dolls, cameras, milking machines, tools, stationary engines and the like for free.

Lifelong Coast residents Bernie and Revleigh devote the majority of their time to their  have nine hectare 9ha which they devote to their strawberry farm.

But every summer this country's version of the smash hit television series American Pickers head south in the search of "gold".

That is anything or everything according to the couple who have named their museum - a series of meticulously presented sheds on a hectare of land surrounded by water - The Island.

Bernie, 67, and Revleigh, 60, met when the latter was just a 16-year-old antique collector, but since then the proud parents-of-two have never been apart.

"Today has become a chuck-away world," Revleigh said.

"I came from a day where kids were kept outside and away 'so the adults can talk', so I became fascinated with all the old things that you couldn't touch."

The former Ginger Factory hand and her equally obsessed husband, who has an intense dislike for shoes, opened up their private collection in 2006 after being encouraged by a school teacher friend.

The Daniels have no need to advertise, with word of mouth proving the biggest drawcards for groups like today's guests from the Jeep Car Club.

There is a distinct science to the scrounging for "gold", with Bernie and Revleigh's obvious talents now spanning eBay for that rare nugget.

Most impressively, everything at The Island is in top working order, including an 1887 1.52m coffee grinder and an antique farm milking system.

Pieces are bought with their own money and if those "gold" finds are broken, Bernie and Revleigh simply restore them.

But unlike the television series, don't ask the couple if items are up for sale.

"You'd never get it," Revleigh said with a laugh.

"This is a private collection that will hopefully stay in the family, never to be sold."

Entry to The Island is free of charge but a gold coin donation, given to the RSPCA, is appreciated.

Every one is welcome with prospective visitors are invited to call 5445 9100.

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