TOGA PARTY: James Marcek and a toga caught on a Bassman Spinnerbait.
TOGA PARTY: James Marcek and a toga caught on a Bassman Spinnerbait. CONTRIBUTED

Stormy weather means fish are feeding

WITH the weather warming up and the afternoon storms rolling in the fish seem to be firing up.

Freshwater reports are dominating at the moment and with all these northerly winds stirring up the bay it might pay to stay in the estuaries or head out to the dams or up the rivers.

Bass in the rivers seem to love this weather and due to their opportunistic feeding patterns numerous lures and baits should see you hooked up.

Kayakers in the Brisbane River have been doing well on surface lures early in the morning.

Frog patterns like the Jackall Mask Frog or Megabass Type X are great presentations as they replicate a small wounded frog and scream candy to bass, so work these lures as close as possible to the bank.

As the sun comes up spinnerbaits or deep divers will work better as the bass shy away from the light and move deeper into the snags.

Slow rolling either will allow them to spend more time in the strike zone and hopefully be seen by more bass.

If you are limited to the bank try areas like Savages Crossing or Twin Bridges but you will need to get there early before the bass retreat into deeper water.

Maroon Dam always fishes well after a few storms as the bass will take advantage of prey that has become stranded by rising waters or washed into the water by the rain.

Small poppers and shallow divers are ideal as the weed beds are fairly thick at the moment.

Fishing the weed edge from boat of kayak with blades, plastics or Jackall Tn50s will work well as the sun comes up.

Baits of freshwater worms or live shrimp are also doing damage in the dam and the use of a small float will help a lot.

Towards the Gold Coast the canals and estuaries are fishing well.

Up the canals bream and jacks seem to be on everyone's to catch list.

Mangrove jacks have been on the chew and fishing at night seems to be the go for larger specimens.

Baits of mullet fillets near high current areas or focusing on rock walls and around bridges with poppers did the damage for a few of our customers.

Bream anglers are focusing on the pontoons and boat mooring with un-weighted plastics.

Light leaders are a must and accuracy is paramount.

I use a six inch rule, if it's not within six inches of the structure may as well wind it in and recast.

I hope everyone can get out and stuck into a few fish this weekend.

- Matt Osley (Charlton's Fishing at Redbank).

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