Storms, rain to lash Ipswich

THERE'S one certainty in the coming days for Ipswich, it's going to be wet.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting rainfall totals anywhere between 75mm to 175mm for the region from today through to Monday.

"There's a 50 per cent chance the city will see 75mm and a 25 per cent chance of 175mm," forecaster Dean Narramore said.

Today and Sunday are likely to see most of the rain with 30 to 60mm forecast for today and 25 to 60mm likely for Sunday.

Tomorrow can expect anywhere between 10 to 20mm and Monday 10 to 35mm.

There's a chance of thunderstorms on each of these days, but Mr Narramore warns that the most severe of these will most likely occur today.

"The main source of this unsettled weather for today and tomorrow will be a trough system which is connected to a deep low over southeastern Australia," he said.

"After that, leftovers of ex Tropical Cyclone Owen may feed into this trough, which explains the chance of more rain and storms on Sunday.

As for the expected path the ex tropical cyclone might follow once over land, Mr Narramore is confident it will track down the eastern Queensland coast.

"But there is quite a bit of uncertainty once it gets around Capricornia and Wide Bay," he said.

"Some models stall it there and it weakens out, some take it offshore, some move it inland where it dies.

"A very small number of models bring all the way down as far as Ipswich.

"It's still highly uncertain of its impact on southeast Queensland, the main focus is going to be that trough."

The trough will also be the source of increased wind activity from today through to Monday.

Today will see light winds becoming northerly 15 to 20 km/h in the morning, then tending northeasterly in the evening. Monday will see increased wind speeds with southeasterly 20 to 25 km/h tending southerly 25 to 30 km/h during the day.

Temperature wise today will see a high of 29C, tomorrow and Sunday will be slightly cooler at 28C and 27C respectively. Minimums over the three days won't drop below 21C. The mercury will start to climb again next week with 30C on Tuesday and 31C on Wednesday.

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