Storms, rain could take sting out of Australia Day heat

IPSWICH residents shouldn't rule out hearing the odd rumble later this week and on Australia Day.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Adam Blazak said it would be coming from the sky as isolated showers and potential thunderstorms were threatening to put a dampener on the festivities.

He said any rain wouldn't last long, however, with cloudy conditions expected to be isolated with rain moving away quickly to make for sunny conditions for the rest of Australia Day.

Temperatures are expected to peak at 32C today, the highest all week, before dropping down to maximums of 31 on Friday and Saturday and 30C by Sunday leading into Monday.

They're right in line with Ipswich's January maximum average of 32.1C.

The rain is forecast to move in by Thursday and stick about at least until next Monday while cloudy conditions that started on the weekend are expected to persist today and on Wednesday.

"It's going to be pretty warm on Tuesday and a little but on Wednesday. Towards the end of the week we are expecting to see an increase in showers and the odd thunderstorm from about Thursday onwards," Mr Balzak said.

"Those showers are storms are moving in from the west rather than the east which is unusual. We would normally expect them to come from the south west areas.

"It's different in that they are less likely to be severe."

He said showers and storms would be hit and miss on Friday and throughout the weekend.

"It means they will be popping up in one suburb but not the next," Mr Balzak said.

"We could be hearing the odd rumble on Thursday and Australia Day but showers will be very isolated at this stage and will take a sting out of the maximum temperatures.

"It will reach 32 before the end of the week which is reasonable typical for this time of year.

"While there will be the odd shower and storm lurking around, they won't be all day and most of the day will be fairly sunny."

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