Still on dole after told 'not right fit'

TOUGH PROSPECTS: More than a year later, a reader is still on the dole queue without any prospects.
TOUGH PROSPECTS: More than a year later, a reader is still on the dole queue without any prospects. Michaela O'Neill

I, TOO, was booted in such a manner as your letter writer, "Workers get the boot before Christmas" (QT 03/01).

I worked in my dream job and one week from the end of my probabtion - 12 days before Christmas - I was informed that I was "not the right fit" for the business.

I was escorted off the premises, yet I was qualified and I thought I was doing well.

It is incredibly difficult to find one of these positions but I had succeeded.

They did not feel obliged to tell me more than I didn't fit.

It seems this explanation is one which basically encompasses all other explanations, so I was at a loss.

But now, another person, unqualified, and who already had a job with the same busines, now has the job I had.

More than a year later I am still on the dole queue without any prospects I can see.

My confidence and self esteem are evaporating and I am feeling more useless than ever.

Perhaps employers should be made to employ those who are unemployed before anyone who is already employed.

It was heartbreaking.

I believe I was used as a temporary stopgap measure until they got who they wanted - one of "the family".

This is a well known Ipswich business but it is very much a greedy business.


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