Ipswich mayor Teresa Harding.
Ipswich mayor Teresa Harding.

‘Still learning’: Mayor speaks on resignation drama

IPSWICH mayor Teresa Harding said she was “really pleased” her deputy decided to retract her resignation, saying the new council was “still learning.”

Division 3 councillor Marnie Doyle resigned from her position as deputy mayor last week, with that decision being kept under wraps by the council.

On the day she was set to give up her position on Wednesday, Cr Doyle withdrew her resignation and she will remain in the role until April.

“I think it’s important to put the matter to rest and just say to our community that we are a learning council,” Cr Harding said at Thursday’s council meeting.

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“We are genuine representations of the community in that before being elected we were just like you.

“We were small business owners, we were workers, we were mothers and fathers and grandparents and very passionate about our community.

Ipswich deputy mayor Marnie Doyle.
Ipswich deputy mayor Marnie Doyle.

“We’re still all of those things and we are still learning.”

All councillors voted in at the March election, bar returning veteran councillors Paul Tully and Sheila Ireland, have never served on council before.

“As a council we share a vision to rebuild a strong and trusted council and will continue to work every day to do that,” Cr Harding said.

“We won’t always be perfect but we will be honest.

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“We’re not going to get it 100 per cent right 100 per cent of the time but we’ll work every day to improve this city and this council.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cr Doyle, the deputy mayor, for her contributions that she has made as a councillor and as a leader of this organisation over the past five months.

“I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work together along with the councillors to keep delivering outcomes for the people of Ipswich.”

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