Stats highlight Graham’s mighty effort

NO wonder they call him the "Lord Mayor of Fernvale''.

Darrel Graham, with the season drawing to a close, has produced another mighty effort for the 2013/14 racing year.

As a trainer, Graham has started 626 runners, so far with 114 wins, 131 placings and 63 fourths. He's hauled in $599,875 in prize money.

In the sulky, he has made 530 appearances for 79 wins, 119 places and 57 fourths, earning $518,918.

It's a pretty healthy effort, for a bloke who doesn't mind putting his workers on if they can do the job.

It's Graham's lifetime (computer records from 84/85 onwards) stats that tell the full story.

Training: 14,128 runners, 2032 winners, 3052 placegetters, 1355 fourths for a whopping $8,676,419.

Driving: 12,679 trips round the track, 1895 victories, 2876, places and 1283 fourths for $7,860,884.

Graham has proven a good judge of driving talent over the years as well, with the 1449 runners he did not partner picking up a cool $816,030 for their efforts.

Those are the stats. You must understand that the numbers only underpin the effort and skills that make the Darrel Graham stable an ongoing success story.

Following in father's footsteps is elder daughter Brittany with first season figures of 212 drives for 33 wins, 53 places, 24 fourths for $100,468.

Training as well, netted 91 runners, 12 wins 28 places and 10 fourths.

Into the Brittany cash register went $68,850.

Figures do your head in, but they are the yardstick in Queensland trotting today.


Distribution wait goes on

THE Breeders Owners Trainers and Reinspersons Association held an open meeting last Monday night with QHRB member Greg Mitchell in attendance.

Mitchell was accompanied by QHRB's new Racing Manager David Aldred and RQ's new Manager of Operations, Declan Martshinkd.

Topic of the night was the end result of the distribution meeting conducted by QACRIB the week previous.

Little information was available as the sums could not be settled, nor released until the Government is prepared to sign off on the financials.

Time frames of seven-10 days were given for finalisation of prize money figures and seven-14 days for the working party to give a firm assurance that construction of the Albion Park grandstand will commence in October. That will take 18 months from sod-turning to grand opening.

Both resident greyhound and harness clubs are said to be agreeable to adding $1 million each to the grandstand project.

Martshinkd said that frequent reviews of the prize money split will be based only on turnover.

To this end, we were told that Tatts Bet will be able to "seed'' any pool at its own discretion in an endeavour to attract the punting dollar.

A selection process to find us a third QHRB member to replace former chairman Brad Steele is in train. But, again, no hint of the names on the short list.

About the only reasonably certain figure released was $1 million over three years for the Q-Bred scheme.

It will however, be some weeks before the destination of these monies is known.

In a nutshell, the only thought to come from the meeting, seems to be to err on the side of caution in money matters.

There is something there, but how much is not known by the rank and file, and, we can do nothing until we do know.


Jump outs cancelled

NO trackwork at Marburg showgrounds this weekend and no jump outs tomorrow morning.

Jump outs are cancelled due to racing at the EKKA.

The track closure is due to a Show Society event which will occupy the grounds.


Vital meeting

THE Marburg Pacing Association will hold its monthly meeting at the Community Hall on Monday night at 7pm.

It is essential that we get a good roll up at this one as we need to re-establish some continuity of trials and access to training facilities.

MPA is there to provide a service to harness owners and trainers in the South East footprint and it is finding it difficult to perform that service. It is a sad commentary on current thinking when a group of volunteers, whose sole aim is the advancement of all levels of trotting/harness racing is hampered in any way.

Proof of the last paragraph is the 2yo "ready to run'' sale proposed by MPA for Sunday, October 16.

The trialling sale concept is not new but is now a well accepted method of selling stock.

Prospective purchasers can observe speed gait and manners in the youngsters, removing many of the "lottery'' aspects of the traditional yearling sale.

Nominations for the sale ($100) close on August 23 at 3pm.

MPA needs 10 entries to go ahead with the event.

Contact MPA for details of trial conditions and distance - Steve Towns 0402 171 871 or Denis Smith 0408 352 478.


Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight: R1 - Quinella 1-6: Our Burning Desire (K. Rasmussen) and Regal Stride (B. Cowen).

R2: Quinella 5-7: Curtis Maguire (N. Day) and Better Than Money (D. Graham).

R3: Quinella 1-8: Emperor Montana (B. Graham) and Intrepid Traveller (P. McMullen).

R4: E/w 4: Gooday Stride (R. Thurlow).

R5: E/w 7: Highview Ember P. McMullen).

R6: Quinella 1-2: Navarda Ace (N. Dawson) and Ideal Tact (R. Law).

R7: E/w 1 Supa Bet (P. McMullen).

R8: Quinella 1-6: Forever Gold (K. Rasmussen) and Sign To Inverell (A. Sanderson).

R9: E/w 7: Our Overanova (G. Dixon).


Honour board

Darrel Graham remains top trainer with seven winners for the week. He also shared driving honours with Pete McMullen on five.

Albion Park, August 1: Better Than Money (Darrel Graham); Red Luck (Darrel Graham).

Redcliffe, August 2: Justanothermaori (Pete for Chantal Turpin).

Deagon grass, August 3: The Pearl Of Paris (Narissa for John McMullen); Luke Hobbs (Brittany Graham); Emperor Montana Brittany for Darrel Graham); Major Son (Darrel Graham).

Albion Park, August 4: Our Maple Tart (Narissa for John McMullen); Jessica Dale (Ken Belford); Mimesis (Pete for Phil Mitchell); Badjellys Courage (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, August 5: The Love Affair (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Montana Terminator (Darrel Graham); Better Than Money (Darrel Graham).

Redcliffe, August 6: Mister Manhattan (Trevor Lambourn).

Redcliffe, August 7: Instant Chemistry (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Abercrombie Zombie (Pete for Chantal Turpin); Montana Falcon ( Brittany for Darrel Graham); Lord Jowers (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).

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premium_icon Councillors organise special lunch to farewell staff

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