A LIFE WITH CARS: North Melbourne captain Jack Ziebell with his Mazda BT-50 ute
A LIFE WITH CARS: North Melbourne captain Jack Ziebell with his Mazda BT-50 ute

Star's Cars: North Melbourne skipper Jack Ziebell

AS NORTH Melbourne's captain fantastic, Jack Ziebell is no stranger to making tough decisions on the footy field.  

A man's got to make some tricky choices in his motoring life too and Jack's proved wise beyond his 26 years with some of his selections.  

We asked the Roos skipper to tackle our motoring posers.   

What was your first car? 

To start my driving life my first car was a 2003 Ford BA Falcon. It had done about 200,000km and used to shake like hell when I had to use my brakes. It was white and was everything I needed in a first car. I owned it for three years before upgrading to an Audi Q7.


What are you driving now?

Today I drive a Mazda BT50. I love how high you sit on the road when driving a 4x4 but parking in the inner city can be a challenge when you have a bull bar and tow ball.   

It fits well with my lifestyle, as I am a country boy who loves to get home and head up into the country searching for unreachable fishing spots.

Jack Ziebell with his Mazda BT-50
Jack Ziebell with his Mazda BT-50

Dad was always a sucker for a cheap 4x4 so growing up we had a few different cars. Seeing as though Dad never spent too much money on them he replaced them quite often.   

I remember an early-1990s model green V8 Range Rover that used to do it tough around town picking us up from school.   

Also an old mid-1990s orange Nissan Patrol that used to release a hell of a lot of exhaust fumes in the back seat.  

Both of these cars, as I remember, broke down and could not be salvaged. Luckily the initial financial outlay was not extensive. 

Classic 1970s Range Rover
Classic 1970s Range Rover

What is your greatest frustration on the road? 

It would have to be when you are sitting at a traffic light behind other drivers who don't realise the lights have turned green.   

Do you have any preferred driving music? 

I love my music, when driving I love to listen to anything really. If I had to choose an album to put on repeat it would have to be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Californication. Never gets old.  

You're off on a road trip: what car would you take, where would you go and who would you take with you?

I would head north, far north to the Cape York Peninsula. I would take my Mazda BT50 but I would adjust a couple of things. I would have a canopy installed for easy accommodation and safe storage for equipment.   

I would take Russell Coight with me as he would be able to get us out of any trouble we may find ourselves in.  

What's your dream car?

I have always loved the Lamborghini Aventador, especially the noise it makes. A matte black one would be high on my radar.  

DREAM CAR: Lamborghini Aventador
DREAM CAR: Lamborghini Aventador

Vital statistics

Who: Jack Ziebell.  

Born: February 28, 1991, Wodonga, Victoria.  

Resume: Was the youngest player to play senior football for his home team of Wodonga, making his debut at 15 years old.  

Selected ninth overall in the 2008 AFL draft by North Melbourne, this one-club player was made captain of the Roos this year.  

Regarded as a superstar in the making from his first season but suffered a leg break in round 12 and played only 10 games of the 2009 season.  

Has been a regular for the Roos in every season since and his current career statistics are 96 goals from 159 games.

See him: Playing AFL for North Melbourne and as ambassador for Mazda Australia.  

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