The star-studded cast of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.
The star-studded cast of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Stars all fired up for Celebrity Apprentice

WHILE her fellow Celebrity Apprentice co-stars are busy grabbing headlines, Lisa Curry is hard at work for her charity.

The former swim star is one of a dozen Aussie celebs competing for the $100,000 grand prize in the local version of the popular American series hosted by Donald Trump.

When the show starts on Monday, all eyes will be on the controversial characters, like former politician Pauline Hanson and larger-than-life former footballer Warwick Capper.

"There are some big personalities. Some of them are one-man bands," said Curry.

"They're very individual and they like to do things their way. That's great. That's why they're successful. Other people are real team players and in challenges the team players, generally speaking, just get on and do the job. It's a really interesting group of people. Sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn't."

Speaking to The Guide on a crucial boardroom elimination day, Curry said she was ready to fill whatever role was needed to help her team win a challenge.

"I'm a team player but I'm not afraid to step up and defend myself or someone else," she said.

"Obviously I like to win but it's more about being a team player and supporting those around you. Sometimes you have to be the run-around person to do what you need to do to win the event."

She said the elimination days, where contestants are famously told 'you're fired', were brutal.

"They're not that fun," she said.

"If I get asked a question I'm honest and then I let them make up their own minds."

Rounding out the 12 celebrity contestants are former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell, choreographer Jason Coleman, The Block's Polly Porter, singer Deni Hines, publicist Max Markson, model Didier Cohen, former rugby player Wendell Sailor, former AFL player Shane Crawford and comedian Julia Morris.

"I'd like to think I work well with everyone," said Curry.

"I have to say Julia Morris is the funniest person on here. It's fun hanging around with her; everything is funny."

Australian entrepreneur Mark Bouris, one of the country's richest people, is the Donald Trump of the show. He serves as mentor and has the unsavoury job of deciding who stays and who goes.

Curry said Bouris, who met with Trump when the American business magnate was in the country last month, was firm but fair.

"I've learned a lot from him in the way he deals with people," she said.

"I like the way he questions people. He can be really hard but definitely has a soft side as well. He's a good guy. You can see why he's successful."

While it's easy to get caught up in the dramas of the show, Curry said her ultimate goal of supporting the Heart Foundation was never far from her mind.

"It's been challenging and a little bit stressful at times, but you've always got to come back and think about the reason why you're here: to raise money for charity," she said.

"That's the reason I wanted to go on the show, to create as much awareness as I could for the Heart Foundation."

Celebrity Apprentice - Nine - Mondays to Fridays at 7pm QLD, 7.30pm NSW

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