Naked truth of cleaning the shower

FRANCES Conyers is just one of 40% of Australians who clean the shower naked, according to a new survey.

Mrs Conyers, from Victoria and on holiday in Rockhampton with husband Steve, said the practice “killed two birds with one stone”.

“I clean my shower totally naked because you get your clothes all wet when you clean the shower anyway, so I see it as killing two birds with one stone,” Mrs Conyers said.

The Viva Cleaning Products online survey also revealed 40% of respondents rated the shower as one of the best places to think with 68% stating they had had a “eureka” moment in the shower.

Mrs Conyers said cleaning the shower was a chore everyone hated.

“Well, I hate having to do it, because I have to bend down to scrub the shower and then have to get back up again and that’s no good for my knees,” she said.

Mrs Conyers said taking a shower was the one thing on her mind as she had been without one for three days.

“A shower is the one thing you take for granted when you’re travelling, and they make all the difference to how you feel once you’ve had one.

“So right now, I wouldn’t mind having to clean the shower as long as I could have one.”

According to psychologist Clare Mann: “The shower offers a regular opportunity to relax and allow the mind to daydream without distractions.”



  • 31% of Australians rate cleaning the shower as their least favourite chore
  • 40% rate the shower as one of the best places to think
  • 40% say they choose to clean the shower naked
  • Dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of a shower causes 84% of people to clean it while showering
  • 17% see a dirty shower as a reflection of someone’s personal hygiene

Source: Survey by Lonergan Research using an online panel of 1045 Australians aged 18 years and over in both regional and metropolitan areas.

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