Luke Barrett
Luke Barrett File

Star may go west

CENTRALS' teenage all-rounder Luke Barrett has no plans to chase a Brisbane grade career just yet but if he does, it's no certainty he'll continue wearing an Ipswich cap.

Barrett has benefited from more representative exposure this year with both Webb Shield and Schaeffer Shield caps and plans to continue along the country path for the foreseeable future.

Despite the development of the Ipswich/Logan Hornets opening up more opportunities for local cricketers to make the transition to Brisbane, Barrett said he would most likely follow a well-worn path to Wests if he did decide to go.

"I don't really want to go down to Ipswich Logan," Barrett said. "If I was to go to Brisbane, I'd probably go to Wests or something like that.

"I played junior cricket there in Taverners so I know a few people down there.

"So Wests would be my first preference if I played in Brisbane."

Wests have long been the club of choice for Ipswich players, including Bulls players Steve Paulsen and Cameron Gannon.

Barrett said those players and other former team mates meant Wests was a better option for him in the future.

"I've played with Sam Truloff, the Tazelaar boys and against Mark Lehmann, who went to Wests this year."

Lehmann has proved that top form in the Ipswich competition can transfer to first grade success in Brisbane.

"He (Lehmann) has gone down there and done well at the start of the year and is now playing consistently in first grade," Barrett said. "That's the sort of thing I can look up to."

The longer Barrett remains in the Ipswich Logan Premier League, the higher the chance of him participating in the Hornets program sometime in the future.

And performances by Hornets trailblazers like Jarred Bichel have shown Barrett there is a real chance to develop in the Logan-based program.

"Those boys who have gone have played pretty well when they've come back," he said.

"I have a bit of thinking to do I guess.

"They do have really quality coaching down there with guys like Graeme Hick so I'd probably learn a lot there.

"At the moment though, I'm just concentrating on Centrals.

"If I can become more consistent here in Ipswich, then I might take that step up into Brisbane."

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