Ipswich Magistrates Court
Ipswich Magistrates Court Rob Williams

Stalker targets victim from jail

A MAN in jail for stalking a woman continued to harass her by making up to 15 threatening phone calls to her a day, a court was told yesterday.

The man, 40, who cannot be named, is accused of phoning his ex-girlfriend 89 times between May 13 and 30 from the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Wacol.

Police prosecutor Const David Thiel played a recording of some of the phone calls, during which the woman can be heard telling the man not to call her and the accused then threatening to kill her new boyfriend.

"The evidence is overwhelming - he is fixated on her," Const Thiel told Ipswich Magistrates Court.

"The victim is genuinely anxious and apprehensive about when he gets out."

THE court was told the man first appeared in court in April, when he was convicted of stalking after a nasty relationship break-up. He phoned the woman more than 300 times and tried to run her over.

He received 18 months' probation, but three days later the man began harassing again. He phoned the woman almost 200 times in one night, and would drive past her house and confront her at events.

He was charged and refused bail. Police allege that while the man awaited sentencing a third round of stalking began.

When the prison took the woman's name off his contact list, he began calling the woman's new partner and threatened to kill him.

He said if the woman refused to speak to him, "it'll be worse for her when I get out".

He pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday to the second stalking incident. He was sentenced to six months' prison and released on immediate parole - but then the prison-stalking situation was brought to light.

He was kept in custody and unsuccessfully made an application for bail yesterday.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said she was at a loss as to what bail conditions could be put in place to stop the man from contacting his former partner.

"He can't comply with orders while in prison - he still made contact," Ms MacCallum said. "He seems incapable of complying. He is clearly obsessed."

The man's case will be mentioned on August 15.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said prisoners could make as many calls as they could afford a day.

"Each prisoner has 10 nominated numbers and the prison will call these people to confirm their permission."

The woman told police she never gave her phone number or permission to the prison.

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