EMERGE'S Calen Le Couteur recently caught up with Three-Piece Alternative Rock Band 'Dave is a Spy', joining him were members Fin, Sarah and James.

C: You recently released your single 'Tindersoul', would you mind telling me a little about that song?

F: The concept of a tindersoul is this thing that I thought up while I was reading a lot of science fiction. A tindersoul is a person that you have known for ages that seems to have a weird dissociative otherworldly quality about them. The character in this song keeps seeing his friend survive seemingly fatal accidents without a scratch, and the whole situation gets more and more surreal as the story progresses.

C: The horns were a nice touch on your latest single, who performed them?

F: After scoring out an arrangement, I got our friend Conor in to supply baritone and alto saxophone, and I contributed trumpet and trombone, my first instrument.

Emerge music series
Emerge music series QT

C: Do you have a specific writing process (do you write lyrics before the instrumentation is worked out)?

F: I generally write lyrical and thematic ideas down and store them for later. When I have a song's worth of ideas I write down an arrangement and chord structure and then take it to the band.

C: Are there any other releases planned for the not too distant future?

S: We're planning on heading back into the studio the end of this year, to record an EP. It'll probably be about five tracks and hopefully we'll be releasing it early next year.

C: What is your favourite gig that you've played and why?

J: My favourite gig was the launch of our first EP, Sleeping In Public With Strangers. It was a really packed venue and everyone was getting right into it.

C: Who is your favourite band from Queensland?

S: My favourites would have to be Ball Park Music, Violent Soho and Columbus.

J: Honestly I go nuts for Ball Park Music as well right now.

F: My favourite band in Queensland is easily the Jakarta Criers.

C: Do you have any musical influences?

F: Most of my writing influences come from bands like Tom Waits, Wintersleep, and Bon Iver, whereas my playing influences come from directions like Ben Folds Five, Muse, and John Butler.

C: Favourite venue to play at?

S: Black Bear Lodge is always fun, as is The Zoo. I quite like playing at festivals too.

C: What has been a highlight in your career as a band?

J: The highlight of our career so far was probably playing the Pride Festival last month. There was such a huge crowd and so many different people there who seemed to be really digging it.

C: If you had only three words to describe your music, which three words would you use?

F: Uh, Fin, James, Sarah?

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