Maha Sinnathamby.
Maha Sinnathamby. David Nielsen

OPINION: Springfield’s visionary an inspiration to all

IF ANY high school needs a person to motivate their students they should look no further than Greater Springfield's Godfather, Maha Sinnathamby.

I first met Maha around nine years ago and I was soon caught up in his enthusiasm for his Springfield vision.

That enthusiasm helped prompt my wife to invest in a business at the Orion shopping centre and while the first five years were tough to say the least, things have turned around.

As the landscape of Greater Springfield changes almost weekly, what hasn't changed over the years is the power of Maha's belief in the future.

Even today there is no greater salesman for Springfield than Maha himself.

His motto in life is simply "Stop not til the goal is reached."

As he looks over the amazing transformation of what was once acres of scrubby farmland he must surely be nodding his head with great satisfaction.

But knowing his drive he would still be frustrated that things haven't happened quicker.

Yesterday he listened to the Queensland Premier open the GE building that sits in the shadow of the Springfield Land Corporation's offices.

That $70 million plus investment in Springfield, by one of the world's largest companies, announced to all that the Sinnathamby dream is now a reality.

Will it mean that Maha will start to slow down - you have got to be kidding!

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