THE ORIGINAL: Mark and Joel Hancock in front of the first house built in Springfield 25 years ago.
THE ORIGINAL: Mark and Joel Hancock in front of the first house built in Springfield 25 years ago. Rob Williams

Springfield's first-ever home builder still going strong

NOT everyone can say they built the first-ever home of a satellite super city, but Camira resident Mark Hancock can.

The Hancock Homes owner was the first builder to ever build in Springfield 25 years ago where he paid a mere $39,000 for a 1000sqm block of land and whose house was snapped up for $149,000.

Mr Hancock said while he knew Springfield had potential, not even he could have predicted how the Camelia Street property would be a catalyst for such epic growth.

"I live in Camira which is where I've always lived and the property in Springfield was actually my first home as a builder as I'd just got my builders ticket," Mr Hancock said.

"I just took a punt on the area I suppose as I lived locally and wanted to work locally, so I went down and purchased a block of land which was pretty easy because back in those days there wasn't a big line up for land.

"It's always been a no-brainer to build there because as a builder Springfield has all the key indicators buyers are looking for- roads, infrastructure, schools, work and now the new hospital."

Mr Hancock and wife Karen run Hancock Homes and said building ran in the family with both sons involved in building and construction at some capacity.

"My son Joel is taking over the business as he's a builder too and is just going through the final throws of his study," Mr Hancock said.

"He's also about to move to Springfield into his first home which he built himself.

"My other son Jared goes to USQ Springfield where he's studying construction and project management and has just built two new high schools in Springfield through his job at Paynter Dixon Construction where he's a building cadet in construction management."

Mr Hancock said he had seen many changes during his time as a builder and despite an increase in smaller blocks of land, believed the best was yet to come.

"Springfield is a leader as a satellite city throughout the world and you can see it's just going gangbusters and now with the AFL coming, it's all very positive for the future and really just the start," Mr Hancock said.

"You've got people who are moving from flash suburbs because Springfield really does have everything.

"Maha's vision to work, play and live in the one area makes selling houses easy- I built my first house in Springfield and will probably build my last one there too.

"Land is so valuable now and housing has changed because a lot of people don't want a big backyard anymore, they'd prefer to get a mower man in and go to the park instead with their kids.

"It's been a good ride and has been good for us, we have a lot of friends in the area and socialise a lot in Springfield, it's a great community."

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