Maha Sinnathamby
Maha Sinnathamby David Nielsen

Springfield has no plans to become its own city

THE visionary and founder of Springfield, Maha Sinnathamby, has gone on record to address claims he is seeking to cut Springfield away from the Ipswich Council region.

The whispers that have grown to a roar centre on major marketing initiatives which talk about the area as the Great Springfield City region.

Mr Sinnathamby said the "city" tag was nothing new, in fact Springfield Land had first used it in the early 1990's when the area was in its infancy.

"Springfield is in many ways about being a city within a bigger city, and this stems from our first land sales here by using the tag 'Springfield a new city, a new beginning'," he said.

"It certainly worked because even though people had to get here on goat track roads we sold more than 300 blocks in that first year and this has driven billions of dollars in investment to Springfield, in health, education and infrastructure which is important for Ipswich.

"We are proud to be part of the Ipswich Council region and what we have delivered to the city of Ipswich. In fact we believe Springfield is strengthened because we fall under a vibrant council."

Recently released figures reveal just how important Springfield has been in the growth of the entire Ipswich region.

The statistics show the development of land within the Greater Springfield project in the 16 years between 1989 and 2014 contributed more than $136m to the Ipswich economy.

These contributions are rising annually and it is anticipated that Greater Springfield will contribute approximately $21m in rate revenue to the Ipswich City Council over the coming 2015-16 financial year.

Mr Sinnathamby said the level of development activity in Greater Springfield will see exponential growth in rate income generated for the benefit of Ipswich City going forward.

"I am proud to say the Greater Springfield project currently generates the most significant contribution of any single project in Ipswich City in terms of rate income for Ipswich City Council," he said.

"A big portion of rates paid is for the maintenance of infrastructure, and given infrastructure built in Greater Springfield by the developer is new, it requires minimal maintenance and rates expenditure.

"Greater Springfield as a project is actually subsidising the provision of services to other parts of Ipswich City."


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