Springfield gets the crown jewels

I CONTINUE to be amazed by the growth of Springfield. How could anyone not be?

Just 20 years ago only those who went shooting rabbits and foxes bothered to walk the scrubby hills.

The vision of Maha Sinnathamby and his business partner Bob Sharpless to turn this land into a first-class community had many scoffing.

Those who ridiculed these visionaries must be feeling today as though they just missed the chance of backing a 100/1 winner at the races.

In the past 12 months Springfield Central Railway opened, a Robelle Domain water park was announced and Orion Shopping Centre started its $100 million-plus second stage.

How could things get any better?

Well they just did, and what a story it is.

The Dusit Thani Resort Group from Thailand has been circling Brookwater for two years and backed by major investors to the tune of more than half a billion dollars, they pounced.

The vision for a five-star resort to come to town is now a reality and in less than two years time the new jewel in the crown will be shining brightly.

The resort will bring amazing new facilities to the doorstep of Springfield residents and no doubt will help push local real estate sales even further.

If you bought years ago into this community you may just have won the lottery.

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