AN IPSWICH mum who lost a whopping 55kg after a diabetes scare is hoping to inspire others to follow the same path.

Meredyth Ferguson is leading the Ipswich Spring Into Action 12-Week Challenge, in which people will be encouraged to lose as much weight as possible over a three-month period, beginning September 1.

Participants will be invited to join a Facebook group and may then go about shedding kilos using whatever diet and exercise techniques they choose - whether it be personal trainers, boot camps or home fitness DVDs.

"We want to impact on people's lives, inspire others. We are real people, struggled with our weight and know the feelings surrounding being overweight and obesity," Mrs Ferguson said.

Having tipped the scales at 125kg following the birth of her second baby, it was a warning from her doctor that inspired Mrs Ferguson to do something about her weight.

"I had gestational diabetes through both pregnancies," she said.

"The doctor told me I had to lose weight urgently or else I would end up with Type 2 diabetes."

It took 12 months of careful eating and vigorous exercise, but Mrs Ferguson managed to get her weight down to a much healthier 70kg.

Mrs Ferguson has joined forces with fellow weight-shedders Angela Harrison and Scottie Jackson - who became a personal trainer after losing 27kg - for the challenge.

Former flood support group member Vicki Ash has also joined in, but is aiming to lose some extra kilos herself.

"We have walked the path and are keen to share this challenge to change the perception in Ipswich," Mrs Ferguson said.

"Teamed with Vicki Ash, who is inspired by our stories, we are wanting to make this challenge her story and see a change."

There will be prizes for the biggest weight losers at the end of the challenge and money raised from the $10 registration fee will go toward Diabetes Australia and the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.

Jump online to the Facebook group, Ipswich Spring Into Action 12 Week Challenge, or contact Meredyth 0400 385 964, Vicki on 0423 200 518, Scottie 0401 870 130 or Angela 0404 416 282.

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