Vireyas flower over a long period with trusses of pink, white, yellow and orange blooms.
Vireyas flower over a long period with trusses of pink, white, yellow and orange blooms. Contributed

Time to feed lawns and roses, and plant some flowers

IT'S now time to get ready for the September garden, with its combination of fresh new growth, soft scents and colourful flowers.

This is a month for feeding lawns and roses because both are set to take off at this time of year.

Feed roses with Dynamic Lifter Flower Food.

Its combination of organic and inorganic ingredients is just what your roses need to encourage healthy growth. Lawns will enjoy some of the Dynamic Lifter Lawn Food that will slowly release nutrients over a number of weeks.

The plant of the month is the Vireya rhododendrons that come from cold parts of Asia and the Himalayas.


Favourite flowers and vegies for spring

Some of the most popular pages in the Yates Garden Guide are the ones with charts that list which flowers and vegies can be sown at particular times of year.

And, with spring being the number one season for growing, here are some favourite flowers and vegies that the good book tells us can be started from Yates seeds at this time.

The vegies to sow in September are cucurbits of all sorts - cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchinis, melons.

In many places, though, the soil will still be too cold to germinate seeds of these heat-lovers.

If so, start them in pots of Yates Seed Raising Mix and plant them out when temperatures are reliably warm.

Five favourite flowers to sow in spring:

  • Alyssum - Alyssum creates small, flower-covered mounds that are like miniature massed bouquets. Carpet of Snow alyssum is the favourite, but there are others in pink and purple shades. The tiny plants have an amazing honey scent that attracts bees and other insects to gardens.
  • Californian poppies - These drought-hardy plants have satiny-petalled, sun-reflecting, poppy-like blooms in orange, yellow, cream and pink shades. The seeds are best scattered onto a pre-prepared garden bed in a spot which receives full sun and has good drainage.
  • Cosmos - Cosmos hails from hot Mexico. Like Californian poppies, is summer hardy. Yates Cosmos Sensation is the popular tall-growing variety, with flowers in shades of white, purple and pink. Cosmos Bright Eyes (Cosmos sulphureus) has broader foliage and orange /yellow flowers.
  • Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) are some of the most useful garden flowers.
  • Sunflowers - Nothing says summer like sunflowers.


As soon as the soil is warm, sow sunflower seeds into garden beds.

Yates sunflower range includes the small Dwarf Sensation, medium-sized Bronze Shades with its interesting colour mix, and tall, traditional Yellow Empress that is heading for the sky.

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