Tiana and Lee Earnshaw at their Mt Tamborine wedding.
Tiana and Lee Earnshaw at their Mt Tamborine wedding.

Special dinner for couple's first Valentine's Day married

NEWLYWEDS Tiana and Lee Earnshaw will be reuniting this Valentines Day.

The couple were married in July last year at Mount Tamborine and this will be their first Valentines as a married couple.

Luckily Mr Earnshaw, who is a mining engineer and works away is due to be back home for the big day.

"It's more about appreciating each other than spending a lot of money," Mrs Earnshaw told the QT.

"At the beginning of a relationship you might try to impress each other, but once you're married you don't have to impress each other."

The couple who have been together for three years after meeting on dating App Tinder will celebrating Valentines Day with a low key dinner.

"We don't do anything over the top."

And its her husbands turn to cook dinner.

The couple moved to Karalee two years ago.

"Lee was from Sydney originally, and I was from Makay. He was working in central western Queensland. We were meant to be together.

Two weeks into dating, Mrs Earnshaw's employer Michael Hill Jeweller moved her to Brisbane.

"He said 'I'll come too'."

Now Mrs Earnshaw has opened a music school which allows her to have more time off when her husband is back from work.

"His roster was week on week off, but the mine caught on fire. For four or five months he's been working at different places."

When he comes home on Thursday he will have been away four days but some weeks he will be gone five days have two or three at home and then goes again.

"I'm happy to see him when he comes back."


Best foods for Valentines Day

USQ Senior Lecturer of Food Science Polly Burey said the best meal to serve on Valentines Day was something you and your partner liked to eat.

"These could be foods that are comforting, put you in a good mood, or are your favourite things to eat.

"They might be foods associated with good memories, and hence put you in a 'loving' mood.

"Foods that positively stimulate the senses are usually good choices, Some commonly appreciated characteristics of foods to be considered 'sexy' are that they are smooth, creamy, rich, exotic or spicy. If your choice of food fits either of these characteristics, you may be on to a winner."

Ms Burey said there was currently no food that has been definitively proven to have a physical aphrodisiac effect.

"This may be because there is no substance present in foods to stimulate the appropriate hormones to initiate an aphrodisiac effect, or the concentrations are so low as to be insignificant. 

"There are two schools of thought on the effects of aphrodisiacs, those that stimulate a physical response and those that affect the brain.

"For the most part, the effect of foods is mostly affected by perception by the brain rather than an actual physical effect.

"The power of suggestion can be quite strong, and just thinking that something is an aphrodisiac may make it appear that it works as one!

"True chemical based aphrodisiacs can work by either stimulating blood flow to the appropriate parts of the body, while others can work on generating particular hormones, such as testosterone and dopamine.

"Foods as they are, cannot have these kinds of effects."

Ms Burey said oysters do not contain any substances known to have an aphrodisiac effect, however it is thought that the texture may be linked to the perceived effect.

"Many people think that chocolate tastes good and has a great eating texture.

"It does contain very minute amounts of central nervous system stimulant (Phenyl ethylamine) but we actually absorb very little of this from chocolate, and certainly not enough to have a significant effect.

Other foods thought to be aphrodisiacs are

  • Alcohol: This is more linked to the effects of alcohol in lowering inhibitions rather than it being a stimulant.
  • Chilli: Chilli's contain capsaicin, which is what causes the 'hot' sensation when they are consumed. They can cause an increase in heart rate in sweating which may seem like they are having an aphrodisiac effect.
  • Bananas: Bananas contain bromelain which can trigger testosterone production, but the levels in bananas are fairly low. Bananas also 'look sexy' hence their history of being perceived as an aphrodisiac.

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