FORGET Transformers or Terminator 2, if you want to see robots bashing the living daylights out of each other, Miles Blow and Jules Pitts have the answer.

While some people enjoy gardening or yoga as a hobby, the Booval duo's passion lies in creating machines designed for one purpose - war.

For more than three years, the bot builders have undertaken the challenge of constructing combat robots to participate in one-on-one fights.

Next month, their machines will battle rivals from across the country in the Australian Robowars Nationals, held at Ipswich Art Gallery.

In the world of Australian robot fighting, Ms Pitts said the upcoming bout was "the big one".

"It's a fantastic atmosphere, everyone crowds around the arena and cheers for their favourite robots," she said.

"Some of the machines have lifting weapons, some have hammers, some have spinning blades - the sparks fly."

Just like boxing or UFC, robots are divided into different weight classes - featherweight for 13kg machines and antweight for 150g bots.

"But what I love best about it is that everyone in the robowars community is so friendly and helpful," Ms Pitts said.

"Everyone wants to win, but when the fight is over, it's no surprise to have your opponent offer to help fix your beaten robot."

The free two-day competition will take place on October 5 and 6 from 10.30am-4.30pm each day. For details phone 3810 7222.

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