OPINION: Sorry, Wayne I owe you a big apology

WHEN it was announced that Wayne Bennett was returning to the Broncos I labelled the idea as a bad mistake in this column.

My mistaken view was that Bennett would do little to improve the struggling team and that he should instead finish off his contract down south and then put his feet up.

To say I got it wrong is a major understatement.

After 13 rounds the Broncos lead the competition having lost just three games and their victories haven't just been on the field.

The return of the coaching legend also brought back many sponsors who had turned their back on the club.

I should have known better than to say that the return of a great coach wouldn't be beneficial to the Broncos.

My time as the CEO of the New Zealand Breakers NBL team made me realise that the most important contract a club signs each year is the one with the coach.

The Breakers had a team of champions, yet failed to even make the play-offs in their first two seasons.

It's now history that after appointing a top coach they have gone on to win four of the past five NBL championships.

Fortunately Wayne Bennett wouldn't have even noticed, nor cared, about my column comments, but I still believe I owed the great man an apology.

I hope he goes on to make me eat my words even more by guiding the Broncos to a 2015 title.


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