Sonia Kruger should be allowed to speak on Muslims

YOUR SAY: How sad is Australia becoming where a TV personality like Sonya Kruger can't even say we need to cut immigration without racial protests despite the repeated reassurances from her media colleagues that she is not a racist.

Australians have the right to speak up for their country and their future as it is the only way of defending our country, our way of life and our future.

Mr Turnbull said he is now listening to the people but once again he has proven it is only words as he remains firm on immigration despite the election result where the concern of the people was voiced.

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It is painfully obvious he has learned nothing and is too arrogant (or afraid) to divert from the present course.

I fear the day will come when we will regret not cutting immigration now.

It is not only about terrorism, it is about where Australia is going.

For those who lack the wisdom and foresight to see the direction where we are heading, just take another look at what is happening in Europe whom we are following instead of learning from.

The word "racist" is far more than just a word.

 It has been repeatedly used in the past two decades against those who love their country as a deliberate tactic to bully them from defending and preserving our way of life.

Was Sonia Kruger right to call for an end to Muslim Immigration to Australia?

This poll ended on 25 August 2016.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

I love Australia but I too will be judged as a racist by some for trying to defend my country the only way I can but truly, I do not care, as it is a small sacrifice to be misjudged than to do nothing at all.

H. QUINN, Toowoomba


MAYBE now that Sonia Kruger has backed Pauline Hanson on her stand against Islam imports the professional haters from within certain political groups might bury their hate and get on with running our country for all Australians not for their leaders in some certain societies and banks in overseas countries.

Chris G, Wils


WE salute Sonia Kruger for her courage to speak her well-founded opinion. Her hate filled critics need to be educated in the art of intelligent debate.

GH, Gatton

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