Something is off with Job Keeper scheme

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg continue to boast about  their Job Keeper programme and how wonderful it is.

They claim it saved the country from financial ruin  during the Covid 19 pandemic and has become a successful economic stimulus.

I hate to be a skeptic but in many cases it has been a terrible waste of money as it channels vast sums of money into pockets of people who don' t really need it.

It has turned out to be a completely unsustainable, disastrous programme which reeks of political and public abuse, unfairness,dishonesty, and corruption covered up by a total lack of transparency.

This is a totally different view from the way the government is promoting the programme.

Firstly the programme is unfair as it only reached out to big business and the wealthy.

It failed to reach out to millions of average and casual workers.

Secondly the whole process has few checks and balances.

It is a process which has allowed big business and the wealthy to exploit it as they wish.     

Many businesses are receiving payments without proof of entitlement.

Many are paying minimum wages out of Job Keeper payments to their staff, keeping their staff working and using the extra money gained from Job Keeper to give large financial bonuses to CEOs.       

It has become a totally corrupt process being used by big companies and job training companies to inflate their business without actually doing  anything other than accepting government money.

Many are making more money than they did before but they are continuing to accept government handouts. 

This type of crime has penetrated the whole job network with no evidence of political intervention or investigation being undertaken to stop or reduce the fraud.

It is time for our politicians to stand up and take responsibility, and bring the individuals and companies who are defrauding the system to task.

When corruption is revealed our politicians are never around.

It is about time Scott Morrison stopped blowing his own trumpet and investigated the whole sleazy process.

Every day that is passing reveals more failures and shows just how incompetent he really is.

Douglas Young, Silkstone

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