Shooting victim Sheryl Ann Hendy.
Shooting victim Sheryl Ann Hendy.

‘Some b**ch got shot’: Grandma fired upon in horror mix-up

A QUEENSLAND man either went to the wrong house to shoot an innocent grandma in the face, or arranged for one of his mates to shoot the wrong person, police have alleged.

Police will allege that not only did Chinese-born Australian citizen Yu "Hugh" Liu, 22, a book-keeper at a Ningi massage parlour from Upper Caboolture, get the wrong house, but he is also alleged to have confessed.

"We just shot someone, it will be on the news tonight", police allege Liu told his step-dad Ian James Seaton, 72, on November 7 last year.

According to police, Mr Seaton watched the news and saw a report on Sheryl Anne Hendy, 53, who was shot when she went to the door of her Hargrave St, Morayfield home late on the night of November 6.

The accused, Yu “Hugh” Liu, 22.
The accused, Yu “Hugh” Liu, 22.

Police allege that Liu really meant to target a house 140m up the road from Mrs Hendy, a similar low-set brick home on the same side of the road where it's alleged his enemies Kewin Brodie James Stewart, or his house-mate Wade Flux, lived.

According to documents filed in the Supreme Court, just hours after the shooting Liu's best mate Bradley David Samuel Evans, 21, who is serving four years for drug trafficking, chided Liu over the phone from prison, saying: "Some bitch got shot in the face because of wrong house and s--t".

Liu's statement to his step-dad, as well as phone calls to Evans in prison, are alleged to implicate Liu as the shooter, or at least in arranging or being involved in Ms Hendy's shooting, prosecutor Jennifer O'Brien told the Supreme court last month.

Details of the case against Liu, whom police allege is a drug dealer with bikie links, were revealed in court on April 28 when Liu was refused bail by Justice Frances Williams on charges of attempted murder and attempted burglary.

An officer involved in the case, Senior Constable Jack Sowden stated in documents filed in court that Mrs Hendy had been left disfigured after "the misfortune of answering her front door to offenders so inept they went to the wrong house".

A an alleged bullet hole can bee seen on the front door of a house where a woman is believed to have been shot in a case of mistaken identity. Picture: Liam Kidston
A an alleged bullet hole can bee seen on the front door of a house where a woman is believed to have been shot in a case of mistaken identity. Picture: Liam Kidston

Two days after Liu allegedly told his stepdad that "we just shot someone", Mr Seaton gave a formal statement to police about this and other conversations where Liu said he had a gun, and Mr Seaton is now a "key witness" in the police case against Liu, court documents state.

Prosecutors are also using conversations Liu allegedly had with his prison inmate friend Evans as evidence against him.

Police allege Liu drove his own car, a distinctive black BMW, to the shooting on Hargrave St in Morayfield on November 6, but the wrong person was shot because he got the wrong house.

The real target was either Stewart or Flux, who share a house at 58 Hargrave St, and who had robbed Liu a day earlier, prosecutors submitted. But instead Liu and his five associates went 140m further down the street to Mrs Hendy's house at number 46, police allege.

The court heard the day before the shooting Liu allegedly told Stewart "You're dead" after Stewart organised for his housemate Wade Flux, 47, to tie up Liu with cable ties, assault Liu, and steal Liu's BMW as well as cash and drugs.

Shortly afterward Liu allegedly told his mate Evans over the phone that he knew where Flux and Stewart live.

He also allegedly told Evans he was "salty" about Stewart and Flux taking money from his car.

Stewart told police that hours before the shooting he returned Liu's BMW to Liu's mate at Beachmere in return for $2000.

"Liu acted on his threats to kill Stewart and recover his property but it went wrong," according to Sen-Const Sowden, who filed an objection to Liu's bail.

Police on scene at the Morayfield home where a woman was shot. Picture: Liam Kidston
Police on scene at the Morayfield home where a woman was shot. Picture: Liam Kidston

Liu, who boasted of links to the Hells Angels in text messages police found on his phone, has also been charged with amphetamine trafficking after police found 300g of ecstasy, 11g of cocaine and $35,000 in cash including $11,900 hidden in a Nike shoe in his wardrobe, at his Upper Caboolture home on November 10.

Police claim Liu is a "successful mid-level trafficker" who robs other drug dealers.

Senior Constable Simon Judd states in a bail affidavit filed in court that he believes Liu has been working as a drug dealer "under the radar of police for an extended time" due to the $35,000 cash found at his home.

Police allege they can link Liu to the crime scene because they have CCTV of his car driving to Hargrave St on the night of the shooting, taken from a dozen locations.

Police allege the CCTV matches re-enactment footage they took while driving Liu's BMW along the same route taken by the suspects on the night of the shooting in December. Liu's car allegedly has custom wheels, exhaust and lights.

Police say CCTV shows two cars driving into Hargrave St and six suspects approaching Mrs Hendy's home from the two cars. Only one person went to the front door with a gun, police claim.

Mrs Hendy, who used to work at Smiths Chips and later two shifts a month at the Benarkin general store, told police she was watching TV drama God Friended Me when she saw her outdoor sensor light lit up. She thought her cat may have triggered the light, but then realised her cat was in her hallway.

According to police, she walked to her front door, where she saw a man in a black balaclava pointing a short silver gun at her through the security door.

As she grabbed her wooden door and slammed it shut, she heard a loud bang and fell. She could see blood on the carpet.

Her son, Cody, ran out of his bedroom and she said to him "Get help, I think I've just been shot".

She woke up days later in the intensive care unit of the Royal Brisbane and Women's hospital where she learned she had been shot in the face.

She spent two weeks in hospital having reconstructive surgery to the left side of her jaw and having metal plates inserted. She needed 25 staples from underneath her chin to her throat and long the left side of her lower jaw, and now has a large scar.

For weeks she couldn't open her mouth properly and was forced to eat through a straw. Doctors have warned her some bullet fragments may remain embedded in her face and cannot be removed.

"I am constantly having flashbacks and dreams about the person standing at the door with the gun being pointed at me," Mrs Hendy told police.

"I wake up scared and sweating. I have a lot of thoughts of what could have happened if one of my children or my granddaughter went to the door. I also think what could have happened if the door was not locked and the person came into the house. These thoughts cause me to be anxious and not able to sleep."

Liu, who used to work at his mother Jessica's business Kung Fu Panda massage in Ningi and as a personal trainer with Moreton Bay Lions AFL Club, remains in custody and is due to return to court on July 6 and prosecutors are due to hand over the brief of evidence on June 20.

Originally published as 'Some b**ch got shot': Grandma fired upon in horror mix-up

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