Tigers juniors shared in premiership success this season. Picture: Rob Williams
Tigers juniors shared in premiership success this season. Picture: Rob Williams

Softball’s MVPs rise above season setbacks


THE Ipswich Softball competition couldn't take a trick after the Christmas holidays with several weekends getting washed out.

The association caught up a lot of the games but were then dealt the killer blow when grand final day was cancelled late due to the Covid 19 virus shutting down the competition.

Players from the grand final teams were left frustrated after a season that couldn't get going after Christmas.

The minor premiers from each grade were declared the winners - Tigers in both the men's and women's A Grade.

Rebels and Tigers Black were the respective winners of the B Grade Men White and Green titles. Murri Taipans Black and Rebels were declared winners on the B Grade Women White and Green competitions.

Winners also were Raiders Red (C Ladies), Southside Stingers (U16), Tigers (U14), Tigers (U12) and Ipswich Stingers (Rookie Ball).

MVP winners for the season in A Grade were Mark Blackmore (Musketeers) and Carla Zigenbine (Outlaws).

Other MVP's were Alan Brown, Jivarhn Hill, Shontell Smith, Kelsee Walker, Pru Wallace, Leonie Laing, Eli Nowak, Aaron Hilditch, Owen Johnson and George Silva.

Sad end for footy greats

THE NRL season came to a halt on Sunday with no date set for return.

The League has said it might push the season back with maybe a grand final in December depending on when a restart might occur.

A worse case scenerio could see the competition abandoned for the season, which would be catastrophic to all clubs and devastating to supporters of the game.

If this was to occur, we might have seen the last of several champion players in the NRL. Bulldogs pair James Graham and Kieran Foran, Tigers star Benji Marshall, Broncos champion Darius Boyd and Roosters duo Brett/Josh Morris are among those who might have played their last game of rugby league.

The glittering career of one of the greatest players to have played the game in Cameron Smith would more than likely be over as well.

Let's hope the virus spread ends and we can see action this season as it would be sad for the mentioned players to end their careers in this manner.

Quick thoughts

HEROES: 1. IOC. They did the only thing possible in these trying times by postponing the Olympics to next year.

2. New Zealand Warriors. We thank you for the sacrifices you gave to try and keep the NRL going.

Villains: 1. NRL players. Some have come out and don't want to take a pay cut. It's either take a cut or the game will not recover when and if it restarts this year.

2. Andrew Bogut. He needs to stop whinging and concentrate on playing basketball.

3. Wellington Phoenix. The two boofhead players who thought it would be funny to break quarantine and drive a buggy on the road while drunk.

Sporting birthdays: 1. 1902 - Gene Sarazen (American golfer who won seven major titles).

2. 1929 - Jack Gibson (rugby league coach regarded as one of the greatest ever).

3. 1944 - Graeme Pollock (champion South African cricketer).

4. 1967 - Willie Banks (American baseball Ppitcher from the Chicago Cubs).

5. 1974 - Jimmy Maher (Queensland and Australian left-handed batsman).

On this day: 1. 1871 - The first rugby union international was played between England

and Scotland in Edinburgh.

2. 1982 - Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan takes 14/116 against Sri Lanka.

3. 1994 - Greg Norman wins the Players Championship with a record score of -24.

4. 1998 - The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks play before the biggest crowd (63,046) in NBA history.

Bomber's best: I tipped three AFL teams last week but only two saluted with the Saints losing by two points.

This week, I am heading to Rosehill for a winner. It's in Race 8 Horse 8 Sweet Deal, if racing continues.

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