Selwyn Currie. Picture: Brenda Strong
Selwyn Currie. Picture: Brenda Strong

‘Snow’ relives dramas in the ring, boxing highlights


TODAY'S sporting great from the past focuses on Selwyn "Snow'' Currie.

Boxing achievements: Australian Featherweight Champion, WBO Pacific Featherweight Champion.

Why got into boxing: Started training in the rugby league off-season at Rosewood and the trainer Arthur Clarke asked if I wanted to have a fight. I jumped at the chance as I had fallen in love with the sport.

Favourite teammate: Julian Holland was one of my favourite gym mates. We sparred so many rounds and helped each other to become better fighters. He went on and won the Commonwealth Welterweight title.

Favourite coach: I was asked to go to the Gold Coast to spar with Jeff Malcolm who is a legend of world boxing. He was happy with the spar we had and asked me to train with him full-time and later on he became my coach. We just clicked as a team and he saw the potential I had. Without him I would have never become Australian champion.

Most memorable fight: Against Fernando Piccio would be the most memorable. He was tough and fought a hard fight in which ended with him in a coma. The publicity we got from this fight, because of the injuries he sustained was more than any other fight I ever was involved in.


Selwyn Currie. Picture: Brenda Strong
Selwyn Currie. Picture: Brenda Strong


What did you love about the sport: Everything, especially the training. It enabled me to be so focused and get very fit.

Any superstitions? I always fought in new jocks and socks each fight.

Boxing hero growing up: Jeff Harding. I remember watching Jeff win his world title against Dennis Andries. He was so tough and although just surviving he stopped him in the last round. I loved the way he fought.

Do you follow it today? I love to keep involved which is a little difficult at the moment as I work away. However I am a professional judge when available.

What are you up to these days? I am working underground in a coal mine up north but when I am home I love spending time with my beautiful granddaughter and family.

Quick thoughts

HEROES: 1. Russian Camelot. Remember this horse name in November as he just could be winning the Melbourne Cup.

2. UFC - Dana White had hoped for the UFC to fight through this COVID-19 period but the plug was abruptly pulled a few weeks ago. Rather then rest on his laurels he worked out another road to travel down and put on a success event last Sunday. Some brutal knockouts were on the card.

Villains: 1. NRL. I am not a fan of rule changes on the run and the six again ruling in the ruck is one that should have been trialled first before implementing. They say it will clean up the rucks but will it? I suppose time will tell.

2. Flu needles. I am all for people making their own decisions on whether they get an injection or not, but I am also all for governing bodies making rules to get their competitions up and going. It's an easy solution really. If you want to play NRL and collect the big salary that goes with it then you follow the rules set out.

3. Nathan Cleary has tarnished his image by covering up exactly what happened inside his house and how it all came to be. If he explained from the get go, he would be playing come May 28. He now faces letting his Panther teammates down for rounds three and four. Honesty is always the best policy.

Sporting birthdays: 1. 1945 - Jerry Quarry (American heavyweight boxer who fought all the champions and at his peak was regarded as the most popular fighter in the sport).

2. 1969 - Emmitt Smith (champion Dallas Cowboys NFL running back who holds many records).

3. 1987 - Andy Murray (British tennis player who has won three grand slam titles).

On this day: 1. 1941 - Joe DiMaggio starts a 56 game hitting streak.

2. 1953 - Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott in the first round in his

first title defence.

3. 1970 - The International Olympic Committee votes to expel South Africa.

4. 2005 - Roger Federer is named Laureus Sportsman of the Year.

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