This snake died after it was hit by a car in Yamanto.
This snake died after it was hit by a car in Yamanto.

Snakes active in hot weather

SEVERAL snake sightings have been reported across the Ipswich area and it comes to no surprise to the experts.

The recent spell of hot, sunny weather has prompted a flurry of snake activity following a long period of rainy weather in the south-east corner.

While non-venomous snakes like the carpet python and green tree snake are the most commonly sighted in Ipswich, there have been at least two sightings of deadly eastern browns in public areas in the last few weeks, including one slippery specimen which found its way into a vehicle parked at the Redbank Plaza shopping centre.

Educational Reptile Displays spokesman Jonathan Lucas said there were no more snakes than normal – it was just that snakes had become more active due to the hot weather.

“Because they would have been so inactive during the floods, when the sun comes out they will come out,” Mr Lucas said.

“The two main venomous snakes we have in Ipswich are the eastern brown and the red-bellied black snake, but the majority of what we see here are green tree snakes and carpet pythons, which are harmless.”

A Yamanto resident sent pictures of an eastern brown which had been run over by a car in the Ipswich suburb this week.

On Tuesday, a snake of unknown species was discovered wrapped around the hose of a petrol bowser at Freedom Fuels at West Ipswich.

The brown snake found in the car at Redbank was believed to have entered from the vehicle-owner’s property before they left home for the shops.

They somehow managed to drive several kilometres without noticing the potentially deadly reptile – only realising it was there after they parked the car and shut the doors.

Anyone who gets close to a snake should stand still, as any sudden movement could be seen as a threat and the snake could react. Many bites occur when people try to handle or kill snakes, so a professional snake catcher should be contacted.


Brisbane Snake Removals services Ipswich 24 hours a day on 0409 063 124.

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