Snail drivers are a road danger too

WE TEND to hear a lot about the dangers of speeding drivers putting lives on the line when they tear down our streets and highways.

The "slow down" message is no doubt an important one in keeping our roads safe, and the horrors of high-speed collisions need to be brought home to drivers.

But what about those motorists out there at the opposite end of the spectrum?

It seems that with all the focus on high-speed hoons, the dangers of moseying on the motorway have been forgotten.

Ignoring the speed limit - and travelling significantly slower than you should - is not only infuriating to other drivers, it's also dangerous.

During one commute, I encountered six cars that were moving so slowly it was beyond belief.

The worst offenders were travelling at 70kmh in a 100kmh zone - in the right-hand lane to top it off.

They could have been lost, nervous or inexperienced behind the wheel, but it appeared more like they were enjoying a leisurely conversation, as others on their way to work were desperately trying to overtake them.

I don't support speeding by any means, but there is a time when people need to put their foot down on the accelerator.

Do you believe slow drivers are a hazard on our roads?

This poll ended on 25 September 2014.

Current Results

Yes. They can be just as dangerous as speeding motorists


No. Everyone needs to have some patience


Yes. If they are forever holding up traffic


No. Not everyone has to go at the speed limit


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


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Snail drivers are a road danger too

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