Woman fined for angry slurs

A VICTORIAN-hater who has repeatedly been the centre of neighbourhood disputes in a Marcus Beach street has lost an appeal against her conviction and $300 fine.

Patrice Monica Vale was found guilty in October of being a public nuisance for yelling abuse at her neighbour David Wallis, a neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, while he was walking his dog in Redwood Ave in May last year.

She was accused of yelling "there's f***ing Wallis, that f***ing Victorian c***, he's come up here to f*** Queensland".

Magistrate John Hodgins found her guilty on the basis she was behaving in an offensive way "likely to interfere with the peaceful passage through or enjoyment of a public place".

He found Mr Wallis to be "a fairly impressive, forthright witness" and "he seemed to be fairly particular in his evidence".

Vale appealed the conviction in the Maroochydore District Court, arguing it was "unreasonable" and "cannot be supported having regard to the evidence".

Judge Gary Long said, in a judgment handed down this week, while the magistrate had been clear about why he accepted Wallis's evidence, the argument centred on him failing to give specific reasons for rejecting Vale's evidence.

He said he was not satisfied the magistrate had erred in convicting her.

"The allegation accepted by him ... was amply supported by the evidence which he accepted and there appeared to be no sufficient reason to doubt the evidence of Mr Wallis," he said.

A week before she lodged the appeal in this matter Vale was jailed to serve two months of a six-month term for stalking her 61-year-old neighbour over several months.

Vale, who had pleaded not guilty but was convicted by a jury, was described by the Crown as "an Energiser bunny" "spewing venom" after the court heard she had levelled Victorian slurs and offensive rants at the other woman.

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