Sleep under truck ends in tragedy

A 39-YEAR-OLD man has been killed after falling asleep under a truck in a suburban Ipswich street.

Police said the man - who recently moved to the area - was using the heavy haulage truck for shelter during the rain on Wednesday night.

He fell asleep beneath the vehicle, which was parked on the road outside its owner's house on Banksia Dve, Raceview.

He was killed when the truck driver left the residence to attend a traffic incident in another part of Ipswich about 9.30pm, unaware that there was someone under the 24-tonne vehicle.

According to shocked neighbours, a passing motorist discovered the man's body a short time later and sounded her car horn, alerting residents to the tragedy that had unfolded.

Emergency services were called to the scene but nothing could be done to save the man's life.

A six-pack of beer was lying next to his body.

Police informed the tow-truck driver of what had happened while he was attending to the other incident.

The tow truck driver was too upset to speak to The Queensland Times on Thursday.

Neighbours said the truck was always parked at the front of the house and they often saw the driver meticulously checking the vehicle before leaving home.

There was no suggestion that he was at fault for what occurred.

Queensland Transport officers inspected the vehicle and it has since been released back to the owner.

The identity of the deceased has not been released. The forensic crash unit is investigating.

Sergeant Darryl Morrison said the man had sustained significant injuries.

"It would have been a deeply disturbing scene for those residents to have come across," Sgt Morrison said.

An autopsy will be conducted and a report prepared for the Coroner.

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