Sippel slams Centrals' tactics

IT is no mean feat batting out the day at Bichel Oval with wickets in hand but Central Districts’ go-slow tactics did little to impress Laidley elder statesman Michael Sippel on Saturday.

Centrals finished the day 7-199 from 77 overs.

“Very slow going, very boring,” was how Sippel described the day’s play.

“It was a very flat pitch and the ground was very fast.

“I think they were content just batting out the day and that’s what they did.

“I guess they’re going to bat on next week.”

Centrals fielded an experienced top order of Jason O’Sullivan (49), Wayne Jones (37) and Ben O’Connell (49) and were 2-150 at one stage.

Sippel (2-59) said Laidley bowled well but taking wickets on a flat deck against batsmen unwilling to chance their arms made it tough.

“When they’re intent on just keeping good balls out and not even hitting bad balls, you’ve just got to bowl good areas and wait for a bad shot,” he said.

“But they didn’t seem intent on doing anything. We won’t bat like that.”

Laidley’s most successful bowler was left-arm spinner Alex Welsh (4-66).

“In the little we have played, he has played quite well,” Sippel said.

“He flights them pretty well and gives himself a chance of a stumping or catch.”

Sitting fifth, Centrals need results to be in with a chance at finals cricket this season.

Yet despite their need for points, their refusal to play attacking cricket was no surprise.

“When I played in Brisbane, that’s how every team played,” Sippel said.

“They’d try and bat all day, intent on the draw.

“It’s not going to bring crowds to watch the game.

“But in my six years in the comp, they’ve always played like that.

“That’s why they don’t win too many games.

“We probably lose a few playing the other way but I’d rather that.”

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