Kathy McLean
Kathy McLean

LETTERS: Signage talk must be open to public

I ATTENDED the ordinary meeting of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council on November 11.

The issue of the placing of commercial and electoral signage on public land came up, and I was puzzled when Cr Kathy McLean excluded herself from discussions.

I know that Cr McLean is an active partner in a Laidley business that manufactures corflutes and stickers and various other forms of signage, but why did Cr McLean need to leave?

It is not as if the councillors were discussing the purchase of such signage or calling for tenders to do so, is it?

I have to assume that she had already been previously asked to leave the meeting.

This is going too far, and it denies an elected councillor a vote on behalf of her constituents.

Later, the meeting voted to go into closed forum, and one of the items was a code of conduct issue that obviously involved Cr McLean, who had evidently made a statement to the media.

Cr McLean insisted that the matter be dealt with in open forum.

Cr Jones responded by declaring he would defer it until the next meeting, pending legal advice.

It is worth noting that none of this appeared in the minutes. Apparently if a councillor talks to the media, they bring the wrath of His Highness, The Duke of Withcott, down on their heads.



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