Sickening animal cruelty needs tough punishment

THE latest display of animal cruelty is a stark reminder of the sinister behaviour of some offenders - and the need for tough punishments to deter such senseless acts of violence.

As reported in today's edition of The Queensland Times, a female dog was found severely beaten and left for dead in bushland in Collingwood Park.

The battered pooch was covered in wounds, suffering major head injuries and unable to stand up or lift its head when discovered dumped in bushland at the weekend.

The RSPCA was yesterday appealing for anyone who recognised the dog or had information about the attack to come forward, while the badly injured animal was undergoing surgery.

Why anyone would torture a defenceless animal is beyond comprehension and highlights the need to send a clear message to offenders that this will not be tolerated.

Reforms have been introduced in Queensland to increase penalties for severe animal cruelty, echoing the community's frustration at the culprits of these disgraceful acts receiving lenient sentences.

Hopefully we will see some examples of animal torturers receiving a punishment that fits the crime.


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